Looking at Ascension

Ascension has many meanings and the future beckons all to the higher dimensions. Human flourishing means we are all bound to ensure that all receive the invitation to participate in Ascension. This invitation offers the same opportunity and the same quality of life that all enjoy full participation in the flourishing of the Earth that Ascension brings. In this article, we look to the foundations of Ascension and human flourishing, Earth flourishing.

The Era of Return

Ascension as used refers to the rising of frequency or vibration for the Earth and for all who dwell on Earth, the human and other life forms. It is a time of return to the frequency of Atlantis, that era of legend and historical past, whence we once lived in higher dimensions with a higher personal frequency. Crystals were used as communication devices, cetaceans held up frequencies in the waters and nourished the earth, and energy was distributed for habitation and sustenance via underground grids. It was a time when many had many different gifts and skills.

The opening of the Stargates, the raising of the light-grid surrounding the Earth, the transmission of energy from the Creative Source of the All – the Grand Central Sun of All Universes signals a time of return to the frequencies and vibration of Atlantis. It is a time of reactivation of hitherto unknown gifts and skills. The indigo and rainbow children are born with access to the full spectrum of light, they are harbingers of an age wherein energy will be available to all. The stream of light from the Grand Central Sun of all Universes re-activates DNA strands unused today, energises the human chakra system and its routes of idi, sushuma and pingala, and energises the merkabah vehicles for the human. It is a time of rediscovery of the potentialities of human flourishing.

It is also a time of rediscovery of human origins and the genetic make-up of what we name homo sapiens sapiens today. There were many creations, many experiments, much genetic engineering to step from the hairy-upstanding ape to the hue-man of today, the being that is imbued with the light of the Source, the self-effulgent light of the Soul. As we rediscover our human origins, we also rediscover the purpose of human embodiment and the journey of the Soul. We also rediscover our planetary origins, and its purpose in the great galaxy in which it is found. That purpose is beyond human imagining; it is beyond thought and feeling. We may aspire to this, and in the aspiring, become One with the goal.

This rediscovery, this recovery of the frequency and vibration of Atlantis – our planetary past – does not happen in isolation. It happens in community, it happens in culture and society. It happens all over Earth. There is no special “community of the elect”, no specially select tribe of “adepts” nor the trained in the higher mystical arts. Gaia, Mother Earth, is the one creating this evolution of Earth; Gaia is the one with the machinations raising vibration and frequency; Gaia is the one who is taking all on Earth back to our planetary past, a time of peace, of higher density and vibration, of higher frequency and energy.


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The Era of Human Flourishing
Where Mother Earth – Gaia – travails in raising frequency and vibration, these are surface events on our planet which raise the frequency and vibration of all forms of life: the human, the animal, plant and mineral forms of life. Mother Earth – a sentient being – has love for all on Earth. This concern for all life seeks the welfare and well-being of all life-forms on the Earth as the Earth takes those life-forms on the journey of return to the era of Atlantis, the era of the higher dimensions, the higher vibrations. Mother Earth seeks the welfare of all, on land, in the oceans, in the air, and those life-forms that live within the Earth’s crust.

Many believe that Ascension is progression towards the light-body. This is true, the human form in fact has a light body, in the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. The soul is self-effulgent light within the human form. Progress to the light-body does not mean progress to a holographic form and dropping of the earth body. (This does not happen until one reaches the 7th Dimension.) Progression to the light body is for the welfare of all on Earth. This is the Law of One: we are all united (we are the one race, the human race) and we have the one essence within us (the soul, sometimes called atman). This calls for the development of an Earth that can sustain life for all who live upon her.

Development of sustainable life means creation of equable living conditions for all. Mother Earth seeks the welfare of all. There is no “event” where some will be taken elsewhere. All will continue to live on this Earth. Some will live in the 3D reality, others will live in a higher, 5D reality. The rediscovery of human origins, the rediscovery of the story of our planet does not occur alone, in separation. Human flourishing and rising to the higher dimensions is done with culture and society, within school and home, within workplace and leisure-ground. Ascension is not “pie-in-the sky” floating around in holographic form, coming and going at will. We are hundreds of years away from such.

So where Mother Earth has concern for the WELFARE of ALL, we also, must have concern for the welfare of all, and take action to ensure earth flourishing and human flourishing take place in a sustainable future. We must set and take action towards achieving sustainable global goals for Ascension.


Human flourishing and Earth flourishing: a return to the era of Atlantis and our star brothers and sisters?



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