The Practical Ascension

Ascension heralds many changes, and many are eager to participate in this raising of the Earth and its life forms to the higher dimensions. Who “gets in” to Ascension, and why? Is it “something special”?

Much information has been shared with us from the higher realms, from other stars, from other galaxies, about this experience – some call it a process, others say it is a transformation or transmutation – towards Ascension, which includes many things. It is said to be the recovery of inactive DNA, it is the return to the higher dimensions; for others it is the reactivation of dormant DNA within the human. Still others include the return of the starpeople to the Earth – in their Motherships and starships. Ascension is many things, to many people. It is not one, it is not the other to the exclusion of all else; rather, it is a broad continuum of humans, their activity and experience reclaiming the lost birthright and true status as light-infused citizens of all the worlds.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba – near the end of his Earth-time – changed a certain prayer: Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu – to Samasta loka sukhino bhavantu – meaning “May all beings, in all the worlds, be happy”. (Original meaning was ‘May all beings everywhere be happy’.) This change was a subtle reminder that the human being is not the only sentient life form in all the Universes.

We reference the human, who is going into Ascension and all that it brings; is this an exclusive experience of the “select”? Is Ascension the preserve of those who follow certain teachers, or the life boat of those who take up esoteric practices to the exclusion of all others who are ignorant? Who gets into Ascension and why? Who earns progress towards the light body?


Who “gets in” to Ascension, and why? Is it “something special”?

Mother Earth

We know that Mother Earth – Gaia – along with the Creative Source of The All are responsible for creating the pathways to Ascension. The Earth – and as we have shared earlier – all life forms on Earth, mineral, plant, animal and human – are gifted with this raising in frequency and vibration. Mother Earth follows the right ordering of the universe (called dharma, right order, right action) and so creates events on the surface of the Earth for the benefit of all. We know that Mother Earth is a sentient being, has concern for all and seeks the welfare of all – in the oceans, on land, in the air and within the mantle/crust of the Earth.

Part of the welfare of all is the progress to the light body. This is progress to the higher dimensions. The welfare of all is also progress and development of sustainable life. This includes better living conditions for all. There is no separate place for those who have “ascended”. Human flourishing is human flourishing for every human being. Earth flourishing is flourishing for all forms of life and all the elements. Mother Earth has care for all life. All life is connected, all life is part of The One.

Ascension is also rediscovery of human origins, and our planetary origins. We have been taught that everything on this Earth has been brought from somewhere else. The cetaceans come from the stars, the plant life has been brought here, the rocks and minerals that form the Earth’s crust have been seeded from elsewhere. Recorded history of our human origins does not go back more than 12,000 years ago (the time of the Great Flood) (or, what is called the Fall of Atlantis). Indigenous peoples have much older records, going back 200,000 and more years. Some indigenous narratives include the people from the stars and how the humans were formed into the hairy upstanding ape. From the hairy upstanding ape, life has evolved to homo sapiens, the human with self awareness, who seeks the goal of life.


Everything that flourishes in nature is green – except for the Jacaranda Tree – which is purple. Which star or planet does the Jacaranda hail from?

Will the human with self awareness retuen to the idyll and raised vibrations of Ancient Atlantis? As the dormant DNA are re-activated in the human, will our new psychic skills reveal the secrets of the pyramids? Will the additional chakras or meditation on the Merkabah reveal unknown mysteries of human origins?

One thing is for sure. Both the human and all on Mother Earth will experience Ascension and the rising of vibrations and frequency. While the naysayers and doomsayers tell that “everyone else will be taken away” to another place, the Law of One in the Universe deems that all who live on Earth will receive the gifts of Mother Earth and The Creative Source of The All.





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