Global Goals and Ascension – Part 1

Our future is a future of integrity. Hence, the Sustainable Development Goals are part and parcel of any future we create and any habitation that we live, be it in higher dimensions, be it with re-activated DNA, be it with a light body. Ascension is for all, and so we must act as One, and include all in the future of life on this planet. Love for the Creator is the binding thread.

For many who seek Ascension, there seems to be a thought bubble; that there will be no poverty. There is a broad hope that Ascension will bring a perfect reality to live in. There is no consideration of the reality that in the world today – in some Asian nations – about 20% of their population is living below the national poverty line, highlighting the need to take action to improve their circumstances. This includes Azerbaijan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, the People’s Republic of China, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Timor-Leste, and Viet Nam. The Universal law of Oneness means we must care for the poor and serve the poor when and where we can. This is the Golden Rule, that we do unto others as we would have them do unto ourselves. This is the first of the Sustainable Development Goals, No Poverty.

Many people expect that they will have light bodies when they have “ascended” (or completed the process called Ascension) and that there will be no need for food. Is food really necessary for light bodies? Do light bodies need solids? Can’t we all live on Prana? These are the questions about food, and the assumptions that food is not necessary and that there will not be any hunger in the future heralded as Ascension. There is an implicit assumption about scarcity consciousness.

We do know that scarcity consciousness creates war, and that in the very near future of humanity, those in conflict will sit down and discuss their differences, and will agree to disagree, and not raise a weapon against any other. This is coming. Meanwhile, there is unequal and inefficient handing of food resources worldwide, causing hunger and malnutrition. There is hunger and malnutrition today and if we do not take any action to reduce hunger, it will go beyond “The Event” and be present in the times of Ascension. There is only one race, the human race, and all are our brothers and sisters. Where one is malnourished and goes hungry, we are all malnourished and hungry. The assumption that we do not need solids and foods in the future is untrue.

The human race needs foods and nourishing solids today, tomorrow and in the times of Ascension. Those brothers and sisters of ours from the stars in holographic forms do feed themselves with energy of the Source, often transmitted at mandalas featuring the Flower of Life. All life-forms need energy, either in the form of solid foods or liquids, or in the case of those in holographic forms, light energy. We need to ensure that there is Zero Hunger for all who live on Earth, well into the foreseeable future. This is the second of the Sustainable Development Goals, Zero Hunger.


In the past (before the Fall of Atlantis), life forms used to gather around energy circles (near their habitations – every “city” had one) and draw energy for their needs. These energy circles were similar to the Flower of Life.

Earlier, we asked the question, ‘Who “gets in” to Ascension, and why? Is it “something special”?’ In some conversations, there appears to be be a “select group” who have “raised their vibrations”, “accessed the codes”, undertaken special “activation” journeys and attended retreats in order that they “raise in consciousness” and so enter the phases and receive the benefits of Ascension to the exclusion of others. In some conversations this appears as a form of fundamentalism, where those who attend to the fundamentals of attaining Ascension, reap the benefits thereby, and attain this exalted state to the exclusion of those who have not undergone these activities.

This assumption that only the ‘best’, only those who have undertaken the special activities have the required purity and well-being and so merit the benefits of Ascension is not true. There is only one caste, the caste of humanity, and as we have mentioned earlier, Mother Earth and The Creative Source of The All will bring all forms of life into the Ascension state. We need to attend to the good health and well-being of all. While we now have gene-edited babies, and just about anyone can learn to use CRISPR in two hours and start slicing genes up, there is a need to attend to the basics of well-being and good health. The infant death rate must be eliminated; all births should be guaranteed good health and nourishment and access to child and maternal health services. Wellness and health education of children, youth and adults of all ages must permeate society and culture. While we spend an astonishing amount of money and resources on treating illnesses that are surprisingly easy to prevent, we will not enjoy good health and well being. This is the third of the Sustainable Development Goals, Good Health and Well-being.

It is shared that from the Year 2000, all children born – including rainbow and indigo children – and the recent emergence of the diamond star and crystal children – are all born with access to the full spectrum of light. What education do we give to these children? We want these children to have personal excellence, intellectual excellence, emotional excellence, social skills and spiritual excellence. All children need knowledge, skill, balance, insight and to grasp their identity. What is the curriculum to attain these outcomes for children with these gifts? What knowledge should the diamond star and crystal children have access to? What is the curriculum about the history of the Earth that should be disseminated? What about the origins of our planet? In an age of light, what are the essentials of education which ought be disseminated?

Where is education in the conversations about “The Event” and Ascension? What will we do to ensure quality education for both boys and girls in every nation, every community? Will we give all the same opportunities in STEM, at trade school, at University? Today, we know that the days of working on one occupation for 30 or 40 years is a thing of the past, and that most young people will have up to 17 – perhaps more – different jobs during their working lives. What education and skills training do we lay down now, today, for all children born after the year 2000? These rainbow children, indigo children, diamond star and crystal children? This is the fourth of the Sustainable Development Goals, Quality Education.

The Soul – which everyone has – is androgynous. Gender and genitalia have nothing to do with our true identity nor the multiple existences which we all have, nor the connection to our oversoul. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We have been both male and female at different births, in different bodies. Our gender this time, is just that; the life-choice for this birth. The Soul may take up binary and non-binary gender choices in any birth. In this day and age, this is becoming more evident with young people undertaking gender-reassignment surgery, choosing to be transsexual, intersex and transgender. Non-binary life choices – where gender is concerned – is accepted, tolerated and protected in law, in society and culture. Such protections and acceptance is expanding rapidly into many echelons of modern society and culture. The issue of gender equality, remains to be addressed.

Has gender equality and soul androgyny been explored in the agenda of the Ascension conversations? Will those who embrace Ascension end discrimination against women and girls? As all on Earth approach Ascension, will we end all violence against and exploitation of women and girls? Will Ascension put an end to human trafficking? If so, what action will those seeking Ascension take against this? Do forced marriages and female genital mutilation belong in the age of light and love? Will this age of light and love give universal access to reproductive health and rights for women and girls? This is the fifth of the Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Equality.

We commenced with “Our future is a future of integrity. Hence, the Sustainable Development Goals are part and parcel of any future we create and any habitation that we live, be it in higher dimensions, be it with re-activated DNA, be it with a light body. Ascension is for all, and so we must act as One, and include all in the future of life on this planet. Love for the Creator is the binding thread.” There is love and light, and there is Divine Love and response-ability. In order to live up to our full potential as one race – the human race – we have a response-ability to create the right conditions for all to take up the life in Ascension offered to us by Mother Earth and The Creative Source of The All.




The Global Goals


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