Ascension: Lightworkers and Social Cohesion

Light Formation FloridaLightworkers span many categories of this age we call Ascension, and bring forth a cornucopia of its light-filled fruits for all who walk on Earth at this time. Actually, they bring it forth for all forms of life – mineral, plant, insect, animal and human life. Here we look to the activities of lightworkers and how this binds all into Ascension.

Lightworkers: Individuals who have agreed to take birth and live upon the planet for the purpose of raising the consciousness of this planet and its inhabitants.
Social cohesion: the activities that bind people into a society; the activities of a society to cooperate with each other in order to survive and prosper.

When we speak of lightworkers, we look to include all those who work with angels and Archangels and give guidance to peoples seeking a spiritual path through their lives. They may also work with Ascended Masters such as Hilarion, St Germain, Archangel Michael, Sananda, Adonai, and perhaps, the Magdalene and Quan Yin.

They may bring messages and sacred music from the Arcturians, Pleiadians and Hathors; they may have contact with the Sirians and Zeta Reticulans and learn of the different races of star peoples. (We will not use the term aliens here, for we humans are known to be products of genetic engineering and have DNA from the stars in our body-systems. One of the fruits of this genetic engineering that is being witnessed now is ascension body changes. The brain’s neural networks are being activated, or reactivated by the stimulus energy coming to us from the Grand Central Sun of our Universe, and then on from the Source, the grand Sun of all Universes.

Other fruits of this stimulus energy are astral travel, clairvoyance and seeking to perform cleansing on our homes, and/or clearing of our “neighbourhood” of inner memories, emotions and experiences. To “clear the neighbourhood” is to fill the body with light and seek inner transformation, higher consciousness and access to the higher dimensions. Others may meditate on their DNA and engage in kataphatic imagery, reactivating their non-coding DNA and adding the GOLD DNA strand to their existing DNA in their meditations.

There are those among the company of lightworkers who have had contact. Their contact experiences frequently bring a change in consciousness, an awareness of enhanced skills and abilities within and a new perception of true humanness and spirituality. They often speak of energy, frequency and vibration and urge us to raise our own personal frequencies so we might access their levels of experience and understanding. Some speak of disclosure coming from non-authoritarian sources, for those sources have information and suppress the truth.

Upload to space vesselIt is said in Hinduism sathyam moolam jagat, the universe is based on truth. And the truth is – not as the TV series the X Files says “out there” – but rather within as a recognition that we are not alone, there are ET races, lightships, motherships, gateways, portals to galaxies (“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….”) (the writers of Star Wars were recalling past life memories of life in other galaxies). The truth is being told in movies, television, comics and cartoons. The Earth has had a greater history than simply the last 12,000 from the Fall of Atlantis and the great floods all over Earth.

The Akashic records tell the history of every soul that has walked on Earth and left its signature in the etheric realms. The Akashic records also tell of a Garden of Adin (Edin), the pristine Environment of Gaia, with its climate based on selfless love. Now, we are faced with the extraordinary Extinction Rebellion (which is led by the aged), the Climate Change strikes (led by the school children) and respect for Mother Earth whom we know as Gaia, the Divine Feminine, the Earth our Mother.

The company of Lightworkers sometimes work with Crystals, which have many functions, other than the liquid crystal display in our electronic devices. Crystals are also agents of communications and there is a race of beings called Ishnaans, who are Crystalline Consciousness, once resident on Earth and conveying messages to stars far beyond our imagination. At the time of the Ishnaans, there were energy grids upon the Earth (electric energy was distributed freely along these grid lines or leylines from under the Earth) and there were light grids above the Earth to close off conscious connections to star people beyond the Earth until the Earth once again rose in consciousness and in dimension.

This era of light is now the time of raising of consciousness with engagement of the Light Body bringing Higher Consciousness and contact with our Higher Self. With new energies and reactivation of the pineal gland, there are those lightworkers with enlightenment knowing of their multidimensional selves, their multidimensional hearts. Such contact with the soul reveals multiple existences on Earth and in other places in our Universe.

The lightworkers reveal to us the Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Golden Children, Crystal Children, Star Children and Starseeds. They speak of hybrids, missing pregnancies, and children who have dreams of going to starships, having lessons on the vessels, and that all children born from the year 2000 have access to the full spectrum of light. These children also speak of the matrix we have locked ourselves into and of the need to “wake up” and take up our full heritage as Beings of Light.

dolmenWorking as channels, mediums and messengers using many different forms of scrying and delivering information, we are told of our own light bodies, our souls and its capabilities, the Fifth Dimension, 6th, 7th, etc. We can have soul mates, spirit guides and pursue our own spirituality freed from the constrictions of organised religion and its beliefs. Yes, there is a God, but the children keep coming back and saying God is the Source and God is light and God has no form. Better and more concisely than any theologian.

These, the days of Ascension along with all the activities of star children, indigo children, rainbow children and the others, together with the lightworkers offer the fruits of this time of Ascension to one and all who live and move and have their being on Earth in this day, this age. No matter which form of life – mineral, plant, insect, animal or human: this Ascension will embrace all that is here on Earth.

All belong in this age of Ascension, and have the same equity, the same social justice: all are children of immortality, the Source. All have been given participation in life, acceptance and worth. None are lesser than any other by way of colour, ethnicity, culture or financial status. All are children of immortality, all are included in this time, this event we call Ascension. Ascension brings social cohesion in its light-filled wake.


 The landscape of our lives
The landscape of our lives is shaped and formed by our choices, the company we keep and our minds. We can change this landscape to a world of light with our soul’s journey – a consciously chosen journey to the Light.


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