Ascension: Social Cohesion and the 5th Dimension

Five Pillars of Social CohesionSocial cohesion and Ascension, the New Age, the 5th (and higher) Dimensions raises important questions for an inclusive Ascension for the New Age and the 5th Dimension. There is only one race, the Human Race! There are those narratives that tell of others being ‘taken away’, existing elsewhere, living on “another earth”. How do we heal this split in consciousness?

Social cohesion: the activities that bind people into a society; the activities of a society to cooperate with each other in order to survive and prosper.

Fifth Dimension: The rise (ascension) of the Earth and all that exists upon her are in the process of shifting into an energy, frequency and/or vibration in which a consciousness of love, compassion, peace and spiritual wisdom prevails.

How do we help people feel like they belong? How do we help people participate and get a leg up into the 5th Dimension? How do we help people to participate? The light is within all. All have the light of the Source within and hence, all are “hue”-mans with the Hue of light of the Source within. Some may be of a lower energy, frequency or vibration, Some may be of a lower density. What does social cohesion say to these people?

All are the one race – the human race. So how do we help people feel like they belong in these narratives, visions of Ascension? How do we help them participate and feel they have worth? Social justice and equity means acting as if all are already in the 5th dimension! Many say that social cohesion is that which binds people into their society and culture. We have to ask, what binds people into the 5th Dimension?

What is this 5th Dimension?

Light is flowing from the Creative Source of All through to the suns of the subtle universe, to the central sun of the material universe, through the central sun of this galaxy, to the sun of our own solar system. This light cannot all come at once, for if it did, it would disturb many beings and life forms. It has to come in small amounts through stargates, through the meridians (or light grids) in our outer atmosphere – and this is done so there is not too much of the brighter light coming onto Earth at once.

The light frequencies descend slowly to allow adjustment and change to the frequencies and vibrations in all the atoms and cells, in every form of life on Earth. As this light energy descends slowly, with gradual adjustment, it brings about change to thinking.

With this change to thinking, comes responsibility for thoughts and actions, and responsibility for what you create with your thoughts. There is a need to entertain thoughts, that is, see your thoughts on a screen and hear them, and look at them and to feel them and to see what it is you are thinking; this, then, is important so you can change what you do not want to unthinkingly create. We must be responsible for what we create with our thoughts.

It is time for all on this planet to become conscious of the responsibility for their choices. Choices are based on thoughts and these go out and not only influence your own lives, but also the lives of others around us. We are all Creators; we all come from the same Source, we are all brothers and sisters. As the energy raises in frequency and vibration, so also does the power of creation by thought, for this raised energy now connects directly to the Source. This is what is meant by Ascension.

If everyone were to open their mind, their thoughts and listen carefully to everyone, you would eventually discover that thoughts begin to unite. And there would be a willingness to co-operate with one another. And there would be a connection to the Creative Source of All in all these encounters all around the world. People would find answers to any problem that arises on this Earth.

This feeling of connection, oneness, flows from this slow, steady adjustment and dispersal of energy via the stargates and the meridians of our outer atmosphere – raising the frequencies within – and leads to planetary Ascension.

Fruits of rising Energy, Frequency, Vibration

In the 5th Dimension, we experience changes to our preferences, lifestyle and attitude towards ‘what is and isnt’ acceptable to others, animals, the environment and ourselves.

We will

  1. Become environmentally more conscious
  2. Adopt a vegetarian or vegan, raw diet with inability to handle highly processed foods and animal products
  3. Be aware of energetic vibration being emitted by other people and how it affects us, as well as how our energy affects others
  4. Have increased psychic abilities
  5. Be more accepting of all beliefs, preferences, appearance
  6. Not desire addictive substances such as caffeine, alcohol, tobacco nor drugs
  7. Have increased telepathic ability
  8. Be happier, more loving and calm
  9. No resonate to material lifestyles
  10. Sense when others are not being truthful
  11. Be strongly empathic
  12. Function on less sleep
  13. Not accept or handle abuse, neglect or unfair treatment towards children, women, men, animals, plants, resources, or weather
  14. Age slowly and have optimum physical functioning
  15. Succumb less to diseases – slowly, diseases will be abolished
  16. Have the ability to change the molecular structure of things; e.g., infusing source energy into water to heal and restore it to its original properties
  17. Communicate with Plants, Earth and Animals.

We suggest that in addition to creating a sense of belonging, enabling participation, promoting worth and acceptance and promoting the environment that gives rise to social justice and equity, there are the following characteristics of binding or social cohesion in the 5th Dimension:

Elements of Binding in Ascension:

  • Recognition of the inherent divinity within all
  • Acknowledging oneness of thoughts
  • Promoting awareness of the Soul within one and all
  • Acceptance of our history from the stars and relations with starpeoples
  • Accepting that emotions are e-motions, that is, our personal energy set into motion

Who do we have this social cohesion with/for?

  • Contactees and their families
  • Children – including the “misfits”: ADD, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder
  • Lightworkers, including those who meditate, those who practice higher spiritual energy – frequency – vibrations
  • The rest of the world, the 7.8 billion humanoids who live on Earth
  • Oneness with reality: other forms of life, including mineral, plant, insect, animal, humanoid

What are the social cohesion elements we discover from Contactees?

  • Contact transforms: there is an awareness of Oneness with all that exists;
  • Contact transforms: we are connected to the All
  • Contact transforms: higher sensory perceptions emerge
  • Contact transforms: greater awareness of true humanness
  • Contact transforms: awareness at all humans are the one race

Keeping in mind that the universe is based on truth, what are the benefits with Social Cohesion for Lightworkers?

  • To live with truth and right conduct and so bypass the Truth Embargo in exopolitics
  • to rebut that humans are victims of ET abductions and used for dark agendas
  • to be aware of misinformation campaigns and deceit about ET’s
  • to refute all scenarios (overt and covert) and fears of an invasion of ET’s coming to Earth
  • to practice systematic common sense with material and relations with ET’s and their purposes here on Earth

The Earth, Our Mother

We should also be mindful of Mother Earth, who is also giving birth to the Fifth Dimension. We should appreciate the Earth our Mother and be grateful to her, for where would we be without our Mother Earth? She gives us the elements without, and the elements within our own bodies. The Earth Mother gives us our water and the very blood within our circulatory system; she nourishes and sustains us with food, with crops which we convert to clothes, our plastics come from her resins, our steel comes from her ores. We have night and day, hot and cold, and the four seasons which grace all the cycles of life. Where would we be without our Mother Earth?

So we should express gratitude and respect to the Earth our Mother and give thanks for all the nurturance that she gives to all the life she sustains. She also is giving birth to this new energy of the 5th Dimension and experiencing the changes brought forth by this light streaming from the Creative Source of All. Focussing with love, light and gratitude on the Earth will help lift everything into the New World, the new Golden Age, which is the 5th Dimensional frequency.

From that 5th dimensional frequency people will just “know”, without any conflict within them … they will know how to respect one another; … … how to give to each other and share with one another … how to connect with each other and respect each other’s differences and find answers to any conflict that may arise.


Five Pillars of Social Cohesion
The Five Pillars of Social Cohesion




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