Ascension: Exploring Star Child Realities

canyon and cloudsIn order to explore unfolding realities, we need to nurture that which is emergent, fragile, tremulous, potential in the human that is creating. Too much of what children – and star children see, experience and imagine is ignored. We are the ones who need to wake up to what this world, this new Earth can be, and what human beings are capable of creating, achieving, living, even.

Star Child: anyone born after 2000 who has access to expanded perception and sensory awareness;
Mind: a bundle of thoughts

Star Children are often labelled ADD or ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder, and medicated to change their behaviour to acceptable frameworks. In many respects this suppresses the unique gifts that star children present. Their imagination and play is suppressed, along with their creativity and unique skills and capacity. This prevents these children from reaching their full potential.

Star Children and those who have “contact” have downloads of information occurring frequently. Sometimes these download experiences can put people to sleep for short periods. While downloads not not always give vibrational “upgrades”, the empathetic component of contact – that feeling that remains after contact – is part and parcel of what builds the “new human”, ever evolving, and connected to the collective unconscious.

Repetition of energetic – empathic events brings about manifestation on this place and thus, a signature comes into being. This repetition has the capacity to bring about activation and an upgrade process of others for whom we may be holding a vibration, a signature, at a soul level. We hold enhanced vibrations in service for others. We also have an energetic defence system in place which defeats any other signature or sabotage which attempts to bleed or destroy the vibrational upgrade reached.

This energetic defence system is a “wholeness navigator”, a searchlight shining in our hearts which is always pointed to the way home. Our brains have the capacity to interpret frequencies from other dimensions, so there is no reason to have doubt about our capacity to integrate energy, frequency and vibrational upgrades. The energetic defence system attracts truth like a magnet, it has a vibration of truth which meets with the truth of the universe and and this vibration of truth is repeatedly manifested over and over again – it assumes a pure collective identity. In Hinduism it is taught that the universe is based on truthsathyam moolam jagat. Over and over again this truth is affirmed at different dimensions, different levels of energy, frequency and vibration.

The Great Sphinx is at Giza near Cairo in Egypt. It sits in a depression to the south of the pyramid of the Pharaoh Khafre at the west bank of the Nile River. The Sphinx is a stone sculpture of a creature with a human head and a lion’s body. Star Children suggest that the purpose of the Sphinx was to tell humans of ET life forms and that different life forms exist in other galaxies, and other universes. These different life forms also take up seeding of planets. It has to be kept in mind that everything on this planet Earth – was brought here from somewhere else. This planet was also seeded by starpeople – ET’s – from other universes. It is a fairly simple matter to travel as their are gateways and portals on the earth which allow almost instant travel to the stars.

Star Children often tell of being taken up into vessels, motherships, etc, for schooling and learning. They meet with star people from their home race and sometimes experience “soul transfer” or “soul consciousness” transferring into another life form or being – often the shape and form from their home planet or star. They also meet hybrid children in these nurseries or schools.

Star children often report that elementary school (primary schools) and secondary education is stultifying and kills the inherent knowledge and information within. Their creativity is also killed. When children play by using their imagination, it’s not just imagination. They are told they cannot do this, cannot do that, nor the other. What is stopped is the creation of a new form of reality, the manifestation or bringing down into #D reality what is in the mind of star children. Limited by the matrix which many use to form and interpret reality, Star Children are told that what is in their imagination is not possible. Their capacity to create is crushed; our capacity to see and experience something new from a different point of view is also crushed, destroyed.

Humanity needs to get in touch with the real truth – of just how powerful and creative human beings really are.






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