Ascension: Performance Character and Spirituality

canyon and cloudIn an earlier post we wrote of surfing the waves on the ocean called life. When we think the waves called Ascension in the ocean of life, how do we take up learning about Ascension; is this also learning about ourselves? Careful investigation suggests there are many dimensions to the phenomena we call Ascension, the most important of which may be – for many – spirituality.

Ascension: a spiritual dialogue ~ relationship with the world of spirit, our Soul, our Source
Ascension: Light Children, Non-visible Masters and Angels, Spirit Animals and Companion Animals
Ascension: Elements: Magnetism, Crystalline, Rainbow Light, DNA upgrades
Ascension: Universal Laws, consciousness, energy, frequency, vibration
Ascension: Raising Consciousness, healing the Earth, service to Mother Earth
Ascension: Universe, the local neighbourhood, Visitors, Star brothers and sisters, Genetic Engineering, Multidimensional Hearts
Ascension: the shift from 3D reality to 5D reality for all forms of life on earth, including the Earth Herself.

When we talk about Ascension, we might first say that Ascension is a spiritual experience – for it reaches beyond the body and its ordinary everyday consciousness to a higher experience of a non-physical reality that is just as real and experiential as the world of the five senses. So we might say that Ascension involves our spirituality, something that is individual – and different – to each and every one of us. It might involve awareness of our soul, and the soul contract we made for this birth, this lifetime. Spirituality is always something that is in relationship – with others, with the spirit world, with our Guides, our Angels (or Angle beings) with the Creative Source of the All, the s/he that we all emerge from. Spirituality may also involve us in dialogue with / or awareness of our oversoul and our many multi-dimensional lives.

When we look at Performance Character and consider it with spirituality, then we may take up the and consider the elements of Performance Character:

  • Lifelong learner and critical thinker
    • development of spiritual path
    • Spirituality as experience
    • Learning from experience
    • Duty to self to learn and integrate
  • Diligent and capable performer
  • Socially and emotionally skilled person
  • Ethical thinker
  • Respectful and responsible moral agent committed to consistent moral action
  • Self-disciplined person who pursues a healthy lifestyle
  • Contributing community member and democratic citizen
  • Spiritual person crafting a life of noble purpose

Religion is an institution with organised beliefs.
Spirituality is an experience.

Spirituality does not require you to believe anything. Rather, it continually invites you to notice your experience. Your personal experience becomes your authority, rather than something someone else has told you.

Religion principally consists of guides and signposts to the AFTERLIFE – a place we are all going to. As such, religion offers codes and principles to practice and live by which (ought to) get you to the Afterlife; that path, up this mountain.

It is up to you to look at your own experience – that is, everyday experience and evaluate what works for you. Knowledge and spiritual teachings only have value if it enriches you and opens your heart to turn towards God. It is not enough to know. It is necessary to practice and draw conclusions from daily life.

All religions give tools for self management. The mileau of religion is activity, mindfulness, and effort in spiritual pursuits. Humans, however, achieve their goals more quickly if they delay immediate gratification of wants and desires.

Spiritual effort along a chosen discipline (what works) brings satisfaction, builds self awareness and strives for the goal. This scopes to include all parts of the human person and all compartments of activity in life. When religious dictates fail (what doesn’t work), then spirituality must be developed with courage in order to find what works so that self-satisfaction is achieved in all parts of the human person and in all compartments of activity in life.

Family and Culture

We are all born into family and experience family life (or its absence) due our soul choices. Society and culture allow parents to raise and inculcate children into a religion of their choice – (usually) the parent’s religion of birth. Most of us don’t get to choose. We (usually) model the religious behaviour and practices of our family of origin. Or there may be no spiritual or religious practice.

We owe a duty to ourselves to create a life of peace, and find a pathway through life that ensures peace, that goal we are seeking from life. This often formed by the values we have, for our values guide our choices and our behaviour. If we are not experiencing love, peace, truth, non-violence and the inner feeling that we have acted with with right conduct, then we have the right, the duty to ourselves to explore new values, new choices and new outcomes for ourselves. We have the right to seek and experience our own personal integrity.

Integrity is unity of thoughts, words and actions. It is also purity of thoughts, words and actions, for integrity brings about human flourishing, a life of satisfaction and achievement.

It takes courage to walk this path, for we may experience rejection, rebukes and the brickbats from family and culture who do not take well to exceptions and changes of behaviour: we are not supposed to rock the boat! Others, and social structures may have discomfort when we make choices for change. Courage is a sub-value (or element of) Truth, so walking this path is walking our Truth. We will be a life-long learner, approaching life and its rich cornucopia of experiences as spirituality surrounds us. Our path can lead to changes, as we discover ourselves in relationship with the Divine Other: the s/he who continually unfolds who we are.

Ascension and Spirituality

Having read this far one or another might be dismayed that there is no reference to the New Age, energy, frequency or vibration! We have not spoken of raising the planetary consciousness, let alone, what raises (or how) we might raise our own consciousness! Have we spoken of the Universe, our local galaxy, the Black Hole we call Sagittarius A? What of Ascension and our star-brothers and sisters, the Visitors in the next dimension in great Motherships we cannot see in this 3D reality we live in? What of the 4th and 5th dimensions? What of Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and our aura, our energy field? Surely all these are elements of Ascension?

Yes, Virginia, they are. But the foundation is our own spirituality, our own spiritual growth and freedom. Yes, there are many who are giving messages, and yes, there is much to read. There are many who offer meditation, courses, and put themselves out as Teachers. We simply ask you to consider YOUR spirituality, YOUR experience as you journey inward and upwards into Ascension:

Spirituality does not require you to believe anything. Rather, it continually invites you to notice your experience. Your personal experience becomes your authority, rather than something someone else has told you.


Stonehenge and Strawberry Moon
Stonehenge and the Strawberry Moon




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