Ascension and its indicators:

shineAscension is about awakening the human heart and Spirit, the inner wisdom, and it is the evolution of human consciousness and the planet itself. As Mother Earth rises to the 5th Dimension, all that lives on earth – human, animal, plant and mineral life forms will also rise to the higher 5th dimension.

The Ascension process and the signs and symptoms associated with it are occurring on a personal and planetary level. Ascension involves the acceleration of vibrational energy and the expansion of awareness, which creates a shift in consciousness. When a particular life system raises its vibrational state from one energetic state of being / realm of existence to another higher one, it is ascending. Put simply, it is like tuning in to a particular radio station frequency – you can’t hear a particular radio station unless you’re tuned in to its particular frequency.

During the Ascension process changes are occurring on all levels of your being. Ascension is a completely natural universal evolutionary process. As one shifts in vibrational frequency and as one’s awareness expands, symptoms are experienced on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Your system is rebooting, being ‘tuned up’ or upgraded. Old patterns start to fall away as one starts to embody much more light. There is a lot going on inside of you. As one moves through the Ascension process, there may be periods when the energy and symptoms become much more intense for several days or weeks at a time; then suddenly these symptoms may abruptly cease altogether for a while, or symptoms may suddenly change or shift in intensity or frequency.

The Ascension experience is different for everyone, and symptoms can vary according to one’s individual degree of awareness, personal vibration, spiritual practice and even one’s individual purpose on the planet. Please note: not all of these symptoms may be attributable to the Ascension process alone. Please follow your own inner guidance, use discernment when necessary, and consult a professional as needed.

  • You are ascending and bringing your physical body with you to the 5th dimension realm, becoming ascended beings without leaving the body behind. You are the embodiment of Divine Love.
  • The truth is the most important thing: the universe is based on truth. You feel complete knowing the truth, without accumulating materialistic things.
  • Reverence for and love of nature and natural surroundings will continue to grow. You will begin to direct more of your healing towards nature itself.
  • You will begin to receive signs of, feelings, recognitions of your past lives without effort.
  • You may feel a push or pull to relocate. Particularly, the urge to depart the big city – urban regions. If this is your wish, ask the Source or your Guides or your Angels to help you.
  • The peace within begins to be witnessed in the outer world. You will carry an aura of peace with you. The need for judgement of self and others and events will leave.
  • You will realise that food is energy, and energy comes from the light – Sunlight. You will seek food that is grown in light, food that has leafy-greens taking in the light. You will seek food that is filled with sunlight.
  • Desires will begin to drift away and you will not seek what you have left off. More and more, you will realise that there is little out there that will give you happiness, and you will seek peace and satisfaction with your soul.
  • Energy – Frequency – Vibration. These are raising in speed, these are raising in intensity and radiation. With the rise in energy – frequency – vibration you may notice your life is going faster. Keep in mind that you can ask Source to slow down your time so you may complete your tasks, your duties, your creativity with plenty of time.
  • The Soul Contract is unfolding, and now the time has arrived for this spirit being within you to shine like the Sun that it is, and bring light to the world.





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