How Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA

DNA and the HumanHow Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA examines the human body, atoms, DNA, molecular structure, the ratio’s of the human body,the golden mean, and shows how we – the human – and everything on earth from insects, plants and animals – reflect and have components from the stars. There is a geometric correspondence, balance and proportion to all things that live and exists.

This video goes for 12 minutes, brings a lot of things together. Some surprising ratios and connectivity also. Brings to mind the material we have learned on angle beings, the do-tetrahedron, the cross section of the DNA, the Earth as a mirror of the heavens, and that the whole universe exists inside ourselves. A stunning video, with relevance to Ascension.

What is the relevance? We need to understand that everything on Earth has been brought here from elsewhere. We need to learn that the beings from the Stars are human beings in other forms – humanoid, insectoid, reptilian, and other life-forms such as the greys. Many – if not most of these life forms have the atma, the soul, the light of the Creative Source of the All within, animating and giving life to their being.

We learn that the fractal geometry continues in many forms: angels are angle beings – not that the name means any change or loss of connection: every time we call on our spirit guides for help, be they angels (angle beings), spirits, ascended masters, that help will be given.

It is important also to discover the divine symmetry in the fractal drawings of Islamic art and architecture. It reveals truths from the heavens, the true relationship with the Universe and life forms that exist therein.

Herewith: A stunning video, with relevance to Ascension.


Author’s Commentary

Geometric Art has fascinated me for a long time in many ways and in this video I wanted to demonstrate how geometric form connects the different layers of our realities and I wanted to inspire you to reflect upon the connections that are demonstrated in this video.

It has been a long journey leading up to this video. This introduction video summarizes my understanding of Geometric Design & Art. Something that I wanted to do for a long time but was not yet capable of because of the vast amount of information related to this knowledge. I have finally finished a part of the challenge. Yet it essentially is nothing more than a short introduction of this subject.

And this video is also in many ways an introduction to the course that I have been working on called “Journal Series‘. If you are interested in signing up for the course then you can sign up for the course on the website below the video.

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DNA and the Human
DNA and the Human



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