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The love that is in all

On this day, we start a new series of posts on this website, excerpts from the Conversations with the Master series by a Polish ascetic. We choose to post these excepts for we find the unique inner signature of the Divine in these conversations.

As you read on, you will discover that the author has a very humble relationship with the Divine, whom he calls “Master”. The author is also very, very human, and has his ups and downs in life. Sometimes he is reluctant, sometimes other pressures upon him cause him to put his pen down, and at other times, what comes out of the pen excites his enthusiasm and takes him to new vistas of experience of the Divine.

The Master: How can we describe The Master in these conversations? The Master answers questions. The Master can leave you dangling in the air gasping for breath and understanding. The Master is a loving parent, caring, guiding, protecting and drawing the reader (whom He and She addresses often) along the many paths to Loving Divinity. We leave it to you to have your own experience of the Master in these guided selections.

On this day, our Polish ascetic is taken on a journey to a star in our galaxy: Vega. Vega is one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way and only 25 light years from the Sun. The Master answers questions at the end.

One day, out of the blue I experienced one of the strangest and most wonderful adventures in my life.

I was leaving my dentist‘s rooms. It is important to tell you that I did not take any anaesthetics, because of the situation in our public health system at that time.

I was crossing through a small square situated within a residential area and quite unexpectedly, some power forced me to look up towards the sky. There, in the cloudless sky I noticed that there was a shiny silver object hanging in the air. It was quite low. It looked like a squat cigar. This object was slowly moving west away from the market place (the most populated part of the city). What captured my attention was the fact that it was moving horizontally, in a straight line, with a steady pace. I could not see any sign of trailing smoke, nor exhaust, nor any other indication of an engine being present. The second interesting thing was the shiny frame, which was easily seen. It looked like a large sparkling elliptic bubble, inside which this beauty was enclosed.

Because of the distance, it was difficult for me to evaluate how large the vehicle was.

‘This must be a real UFO standing in front of me, in full daylight, in the middle of the city’, I thought. Taken by surprise I was about to stop people passing by, but I felt a clear feeling that I should not do this. I moved away from the residential area towards a square where I obtained a better view, and continued watching the moving object for about ten minutes.

It was clear that they were in no hurry. Moreover, I received the impression that this vehicle was emitting strong energy which was streaming into the ground.

Immediately after I arrived home I sat in meditation trying to connect to the vehicle and its crew.

After becoming quiet, I focused on the energy of the vehicle and I soon saw its commander; at least he made an impression that he was the commander. He was not interested in contact and was doing everything to ignore me. I asked him who he was and what he was doing. He communicated something back, so I asked him to hand me over to his guardian or whoever was responsible for the mission. In the meantime, one third of the way down inside the cylindrical ship I noticed two parallel generators emitting the strong energy which I had felt so clearly before.

After a moment of silence a very nice man came; he was smiling and willing to talk.

‘Where are you from?’

From the place you call Vega.

‘What is your business on Earth?’

We operate in the middle east area of Europe. Our base is in Poland. We are working on changing the vibration of this area. The conditions of life here are changing and new times are coming, so you need fresh perspective.

‘As I understand it, you are charging the city with some kind of new energy.’

‘Yes. You could say that we are helping you.’

Answers were coming out of the silence of deep meditation. So deep, that the mind was turned off completely giving room for an undisturbed reception of words, thoughts and phrases flowing from the conversation.

I would talk to him for a moment; he was answering and showing me pictures (similar to photographs) which were also accompanied by impressions coming from very far away. There were views of camps, vehicles, geographical regions they pass over and the effects they expected to trigger.

At a certain moment a thought crossed my mind to ask to be shown his home planet. At this point he suddenly became silent for a long time.

I can not make this decision alone. I have to ask the planetary Guardian for permission.

I felt as if he switched off contact with me. Deep silence fell. This lasted a long time. I was calmly sitting in deep meditation and waiting.

Into this absolute silence I felt some movement from somewhere far away.

It seemed as if someone became interested, turned his thoughts onto me and was checking if I was the right person. In an instant, there was a phenomenon that shocked me completely; the planetary Guardian appeared. In my inner sight he came as a mere male, but in feeling … a surge of unbelievable love flowed — warm, full of trust, totally accepting of everything. It was pure love. What shocked me the most was that a man who did not know me at all, loved and accepted me without even the least reservation. I remember this shock even to this today.

‘Can I …’ I asked.

‘Yes’ He broke in, not letting me finish.

Meeting Him was only a prelude to what was yet to happen.

‘I would like to see the departure from Earth’

OK, this will be an edifying experience for you.

He answered with this marvellous acceptance. There was silence.

Soon, in front of my inner eye I saw a clearing in the park on the outskirts of the city. The familiar vehicle was there. Nearby stood a pilot dressed in very interesting uniform; it was a four-square check pattern, and a helmet with a window made of some glassy substance with a pattern of thin stripes. His knees were strangely in a different place than ours, much lower. They seemed to enable both forward and backward bending. Similarly odd were his hands with palms in dark soft gloves and the fingers moving very gently and swiftly back and forth; they appeared longer and had more joints.

He showed me in with a gesture. The craft was roughly eight to nine meters long and three and a half to four meters high. I was now able to clearly observe the shiny and transparent bubble surrounding it. I moved forward and went directly through the bubble. It is impossible to describe the sensations that followed. My consciousness which was enclosed within my head (just like everyone else’s), suddenly expanded, embracing the interior of the ship and the space around it. I ‘saw’ and ‘heard’ everything with my consciousness, as if it was a kind of screen, wherein everything transpires and I was aware of the thoughts and psychic state of all the crew members without any effort.

There were two more persons within. They were smiling very kindly, sitting somewhere inside very tight rooms, but this was not bothering them at all. I clearly felt that the consciousness was based on love — omnipresent and all-pervading love and acceptance of everything. It was as if our consciousnesses melted together becoming one. It was this common consciousness that drove and propelled the vehicle!

I went to the front of the vehicle and the pilot followed me. We sat inside a tight cabin; he was seated next to me on my right side. There was a transparent cupola over our heads. Within a moment, without feeling any G-force I saw the tips of trees, clouds, and the starry sky. I was just able to ask ‘How long will the flight last’ and got an answer ‘Six minutes’ when the transparent glass over our heads became frosted and the whole vehicle was immersed in a pleasant and hot vibration. There was no room for any thought whatsoever. This lasted perhaps five or six minutes. Suddenly the glass cleared again and I noticed a huge planet in the distance, right in front of us. It was very beautiful, even majestic, as it hung in the empty space surrounded by a gigantic, shiny sphere. We stopped for a moment, as if my guide was asking for permission for further flight.

Evidently he received it, for imperceptibly we started moving on. I almost cried out in amazement when we were crossing through the barrier. This time my consciousness spread out and embraced the unimaginably immense expanse of the whole planet. This was a great reconciliation with Love, with Nature, with God. It was an inexpressible feeling…

Consciousness celebrated its triumph. Freed of everyday limitations, consciousness was finding fulfilment in union with everything. It desired nothing. How can you long for anything being everything?

For some time we were floating high above the clouds; then the vehicle dived down and after some time I saw the surface of the planet through the milky fog. In the midst of an inexpressible sweetness of omnipresent love I heard an unusual song. Or rather, I should say I felt it with all my being, as if I heard and experienced a passion induced by a chorale sung by angelic hosts. However these were not sounds, but vibrations of love, some stronger, some quieter, harmonised into one huge spatial symphony. I became completely engrossed in listening to the tones of that song of love, a song of existence, reaching into me on inner waves of sweet ecstasy. As we were approaching the ground the song became more and more powerful and clearer, with new, subtler and subtler tones enriching the symphony. Very quickly, I understood its source. This extraordinary symphony was emerging from nature. This was the song of life. Lower and stronger tones belonged to high trees; voices of shrubs and young trees did not sound so loud; flowers and even single blades of grass were adding their very quiet notes. Together they created this unbelievable harmony of sounds. One can compare the impression to a symphony orchestra inside a huge cathedral, where sounds played propagate freely, and vibrating outwards from inside a large empty space.

We landed in a small clearing and I left the vehicle. Outwardly I saw everything as through a fog, but on the inside I was feeling everything in a lively manner. The clearing was surrounded by bushes that were four meters tall, while numerous flowers and different plants filled the interior. I felt uncomfortable as I did not want to destroy anything unintentionally. Not knowing what effect I might cause here, I was standing and looking around. I saw flowers similar to the narcissus from Earth and I recall clearly how attentively I observed the plants — after all one does not have the opportunity to see flora from another planet every other day.

After taking a closer look at the flowers, I began to become aware of distinctive differences. Surely these were neither narcissus nor any other flowers known on Earth! When I realised this, for a moment I felt like I was caught in a trap and a sudden wave of panic (evoked by the strange environment around me) began to overwhelm me. However, I quickly regained control of myself and turned my senses toward the tonic of sweet, omnipresent love. No; I felt sure there would be nothing dangerous for me here!

Another close inspection of the plants revealed something new. Every time I focused on a plant (or any other object) I could sense its feeling, quite strongly. Everything around me was alive and sentient. In this fashion I discovered another incredible thing. I concentrated on a little spring and after a while distinct impressions flowed to me. The spring wanted to give out as much water as possible, because something there, other plants or beings could need it. It was trying with all its power to do whatever possible for the good of others. Flowers were producing pollen and nectar to share with insects and to serve them. Trees were shaping their leaves to serve a shadow to anyone in need. So also, the clouds passing in the sky were full of willingness to give themselves away, to transform into rain giving life to all of nature and protecting other life forms against the sunshine. Wherever and on whatever I focused my attention, I was discovering selfless care for others, the will to serve others and love. In this way I discovered the second feature ruling this unusual world — willingness and readiness to serve others that sprang from love. Every minute particle of this world was pervaded with love and an unselfish will to serve, without even the smallest concern for, or thought about oneself. There was no trace of ego in that world.

For the next few days, I was familiarising myself with this planet. Whenever I was home, I used to sit in meditation and after few minutes or so I would cross the barrier full of love around Vega. Sometimes I was accompanied by the same man I met the first day; at other times the planetary Guardian would come. He used to devote plenty of time explaining the interdependency between organisms living on the planet and where they originate from, the common Source, which is Love. There, it was so obvious!

Life on Vega manifests lots of divine qualities in an unusual degree: love, selfless concern for others, sacrifice, devotion and humility understood as absence of ego. This direct experience of these states imprinted an indelible mark on me, for it is one thing to listen about these states; it is something else to experience them fully and learn from it. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Master from Vega for devoting time and offering love.

My visits to Vega ended as extraordinarily as they started.

It was probably on the third day when an idea to ask the Master about the human life on Vega came to my mind. Are there beings like us? The Master answered ‘yes’ and offered to take me to them right away. After a few minutes the vehicle I knew from before appeared in the clearing. Only now do I realise that my question may have sounded weird. Hadn’t I already talked to people from there, I mean the crew of the base on Earth? After all, they must have lived on Vega, too.

I got into the vehicle. It took off and after a short time, not more than five minutes, we flew into something resembling thick fog. The vehicle landed. I felt rather than saw the presence of at least a couple of persons. They were behind a high, wide wall, the ends of which were hidden by the fog. I clearly experienced a reserve on their part, for they were vigilant, obviously aware that a stranger was around. I felt a couple of streams of energy from behind the wall, unmistakably coming from living and thinking beings. Each of them was enclosed in an oval-like construction. The way they were arranged and their size reminded me of an African village with round lodges. After a while I turned to the one that was emanating the strongest energy and said:


‘Who are you?‘ was the response.

I deduced that since they are asking, they did not know. Earlier, the Master had screened me through and through. Apparently they did not want to or were not able to do the same.

‘I am a guest here; I came from the planet Earth. You are living on a wonderful planet.’

People on Earth do not understand the essence of life nor its value. You primitively destroy the delicate structure that surrounds your planet.

Thoughts were coming and forming into phrases full of peace. I did not want to disagree nor explain that I could be different.

‘Why did you come here?’

Despite sensing kindness, I felt a distance to my presence during this conversation.

‘I wanted to see what life outside the Earth looks like and I am extremely positive about what I see.’

We understand the importance of this planet for our existence and we love it. We are part of it. We would like you to open yourself to us so we may see who you are.

The question made me wonder; obviously they did not want to screen me by force. I was also refraining from staring at them, fearing it could be mistaken. I did not want to do anything improper while meeting with beings from another planet. My experience thus far had been courteous.

Yet I did not know what to do. I thought it over and finally turned to dear Master asking that He show up instead. It was supposed to be a kind of joke. The Master agreed and after a moment of preparation, I opened fully all my mental and spiritual spheres asking the Master to come closer with His love, at the same time.

I felt an inflow of hot, vibrating energy, energy that usually accompanies the blessings of the Master. When I looked back outside I saw they were thunderstruck. Their shock was mixed with consternation. I heard chaotic, discontinuous sentences.

We did not know who you were, you were concealed so deeply. We have such a negative opinion about people from Earth.

Suddenly all previous restraint disappeared in favour of sincere openness and pure excitement.

After a few of such visits, each lasting up to a couple of hours, the Master appeared and said that it was time to say goodbye and that one day I would come back to this wonderful Vega. I bid good-bye to the planetary Guardian of Vega and its citizens. That evening, I sat down to write of all my experiences and impressions; this is the picture, or rather, some fragments of it.

Dear Master, would you like to sum up this experience?

Of course. You have learnt a lot during this short visit outside Earth. It is a great gift to one at such a young age to have a look behind the curtain that separates this planet and citizens of the Cosmos. Even a bigger present is the look into the depth of self-consciousness that takes care of the living beings of Vega, into Consciousness and Love.

Thank you Baba, for such an edifying experience. I have personally lived through these deep and piercing feelings of love, devotion and serving other beings, in name of love and good alone.

This Power has created Universe.


Living and tender Love.

I would like to ask You to help me learn and imbibe these wonderful values and practice them in everyday life.

Excellent request.


Vega, Deneb, Altair



You can download Conversations with the Master here.


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