Three Masters in a Cave

The love that is in all

On this day, we start a new series of posts on this website, excerpts from the Conversations with the Master series by a Polish ascetic. We choose to post these excepts for we find the unique inner signature of the Divine in these conversations.

Today, we read about three ancient Masters of Yoga, residing in a hidden cave, and radiating the energy of Love to all on Earth, and even, beyond the Earth. Our Polish ascetic travels to the cave and experiences a blessing from the masters. We may also do the same.

One evening I was studying Paul Brunton‘s book A Search in Secret India. Brunton gives accounts of unusual events in this book, events he was part of during his visit to India. All of a sudden I realised that all manifestations and miraculous events are certain energetic processes and as such they require a reservoir (or reservoirs) of special energy. Since there is an effect – there must be a cause. This was my scientific mind at work. So many unusual events have happened in India, and this land has been famous for the life and activity of many saints. This means that there must be a source, emitting spiritual energy. And if so, it must be possible to connect to it, because there is no such a thing as separation in the world of energy.

Often in my life I have observed and experienced inflows of energy, which were an outcome of thinking about somebody or something. Such ability is a natural side effect of meditation. However, let me get to the point. I decided to carry out a little experiment. I would get into state of meditation, calm my mind down and try to connect to this centre of energy (as I named it for the time being).

I did it as I planned. While I was falling into deeper and deeper silence, I thought ‘Master, I will be counting from ten down to one; let the connection be established, please”.

Ten, nine, eight… … three… two … one…

Nothing happened for a moment. I remained in silence and darkness. Yet, after a while the pictures started coming. I saw that I was inside some sort of huge cavern. There was a large quantity of rubble blocking the entrance. Here and there I saw dampness flowing down the tall walls making paths with dark trails.

I turned around, my back to the entrance and almost shouted with amazement. The cave became wider and ended at a vertical wall some ten steps away. At the bottom of the wall I noticed three human beings, three sages sitting in the lotus posture. The one in the middle sat on a raised platform. All three gave the impression of being very, very old. Long gray hair and beards reached down to legs joined in the lotus posture. Their wrinkled faces bespoke their age so clearly. Yet, there was an incredible aura emitting from them, as if warmth, devotion, and love were coming from a great depth, flowing through these people out to the world. Strangely, they were not exhibiting any sign of life. Only when I strained my inner eye, did I notice something that looked like a weak light inside them, indicating that they were still alive.

I turned to the Master asking for an explanation of what I was witnessing. After a while I heard His quiet voice.

These three sages came here more than a thousand years ago. They went to the inaccessible Himalayas to meditate. Here, Loving Divinity has revealed to them the plan, according to which they could serve. By subjecting their bodies to a deep lethargy and thereby creating channels for streams of Divine Love, they provide this channel of Divine Love which world will need for ten centuries until the next Messenger comes. They have totally surrendered themselves to God using the secret yogic techniques revealed to them and thus entered a state between life and death. They have been staying in this state until today. In spite of your not seeing any sign of life in them, they are fully aware that you are here, that we are both here.

Later, I was wondering who would be the next Messenger that Master mentioned. But He kept silent. Alone, I was not able to find an answer other than that given by religions about the Second Coming of Jesus in Christianity, the Messiah in Judaism, the Maitreya in Buddhism and the Kalki Avatar in Hinduism. It was only years later that I fully understood who the Master was talking about, when I learned about the unusual miracles accompanying the life of the Avatar of our times – Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Master, what is this energy needed for?

Without it people would forget about the existence of higher worlds and the necessity to turn with love for God. Without love your hearts would become dry, people would be making their ways guided by motives other than good and love, and this would bring you a lot of suffering. Knowing this, these Masters of Yoga resigned themselves to being born on Earth. Bow to them and pay homage to their work and sacrifice for you.

I bowed to their feet and said: “Great Masters, I thank you for your help and sacrifice. Bless me please.”

There was no movement. After some time I felt pins and needles in the top of my head; this gradually turned into a grip. A few minutes later I started feeling hot energy slowly flowing down and sort of burning something on its way. You might compare it to a liquid, a honey, slowly moving down the brain-stem, lower and lower. After reaching the chest (the heart area) the phenomenon faded away. I felt everything quite clearly. It lasted for more than an hour and a half. The next day I asked dear Master for this ‘connection’ again and immediately, an impression of flaming energy slowly flowing down came. This time it lasted for about fifteen minutes.

Today, I asked Master for a comment on this whole episode.

These men have been there until today. If you would like to get spiritual support from them, all of you should know that they will never refuse. Act decently and ask for spiritual blessings and such blessings only, nothing worldly. They are powerful beings and their rule spreads far outside the Earth.

Master, what ‘rule’ do you mean?

Influence on the course of events. They have finished their earthly cycle and united with Love a long time ago. During my physical absence from here they have been maintaining the flame of love for God. They work wonders even today. To them time and space are not an obstacle. Love has opened all gates for them a long time ago. They will help you all. Ask and it shall be given to you.

I will ask them for love for You, can I?

Yes, they will not refuse your request. We are one — many bodies, one Heart.

Master, I have one more question.


Is this idea proper, the idea about the existence of one centre, which causes or powers all processes with spiritual energy in India?

No, one materialistic centre does not exist. There is One Centre of all energy and it is the Loving Creator. The situations you have described as well as the way of thinking leading to it were arranged thus, so that you are able to take advantage of the Masters’ blessings. You and many others, who are going to read your words — do ask and you will receive. Many beings are waiting to help and guide you to the right path. These many beings derive their inspiration from the One.


Earth and Masters
Their reach, their Love, extends far beyond Earth.


You can download Conversations with the Master here.


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