Coronavirus and Changes in Consciousness

greenfieldsMany years ago a humble leader shared that ‘Life is change, and to be perfect is to have changed often’. In this age, we are confronted worldwide with the Coronavirus epidemic. What has this to do with spiritual advance? How can we raise our consciousness in this time of pandemic?

Coronavirus is accumulating and making clusters of chaotic events. As a result, there is economic, social and political and personal turmoil widespread in many nations.

Some have lost beloved partners, family and friends to the coronavirus. Still others have fear of going out into the open spaces, the crowded spaces, the marketplace. Commuting by bus and train is a challenge for many. Social distancing must prevail and masks worn, if needed.

Others have had their employment curtailed, casuals have seen their jobs go up in smoke with little hope of getting another. Recently, one employer had 475 applications for ome job vacancy. This is the situation for the youth, those doing casual labour, both skilled and unskilled. Losing your income, your work, is a major loss. This brings about a transition state of consciousness, where reliable markers of our life, our predictable routines, our stability and security, have all disappeared.

Transition states of consciousness are what we call the in-between places when a major loss has occurred and we find ourselves temporarily poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed.

“Markers” are a term used to describe how we make sense of our world and navigate through our lives using our five senses. When this happens, we enter a null zone – an empty place – in which our daily reality no longer exists, and our new reality has not yet come into existence. The question arises, What has not emerged for us yet in this time of coronavirus?

The world we live in – more importantly, the world YOU live in – is your personal creation. All reality is fundamentally interpreted, mostly through the five senses. See, hear, touch, taste, smell. This includes the collective perception of your culture, time, place and circumstance. Your interpretation of what is real, not real, is yours. This gives rise to the Hindu prayer, Asatoma, which prays, “From the Unreal, lead us to the real”.


from the unreal, lead us to the real
Asato ma – the ancient Hindu prayer, from the unreal, lead us to the real …

Your habits of perception place you in your life and tell you where you are. You wake up, check the time, wander off to the toilet. Usually, what you think about on the throne sets up your expectations for your day. These are habitual perceptions of your personal placement in cultural illusions (time, place, presence, tasks, etc). You have a choice to engage in this cultural illusion, or not. It is within your personal power. Your spiritual mastery is the skill of navigating cultural illusions and keeping your inner integrity.

For some, the markers of life are ripped out suddenly. They disappear due earthquakes, tsunami, sudden loss of home and hearth, loss of employment, loss of moneys, loss of friends and family. People can be shocked into a new reality, disoriented with the disappearance of their personal markers. Many movies (drama and thrillers) portray characters forced by circumstances to adapt to loss of everything in their life, and often forced to respond or take up a new lifestyle.

For example,

  • you work at a job at a certain location
  • you have built your life around the demands of this position
  • You get up at a certain time every day
  • you leave home at the same time every day
  • you eat lunch at the same time every day
  • you travel home at the same time every day.

All these ‘markers’ in your life would disappear if that job were suddenly removed. There would be no need to get up at a certain time, no need to commute, and the people you interacted in that job would no longer be available to you. This situation can be disorienting, and for some (who have been made redundant for example) they may go through the motions of going to work daily until they are confronted with the loss of their markers. The game is up, there no need to arise, dress, pack lunch and depart home. It is at this time, that people enter the transition states of consciousness, a state of flux, and change. It is a state that includes a void, a gaping hole.

Sudden illness and traffic accidents and recovery from permanent traumatic injury also produce transition states of consciousness when people experience their lives crumbling before them. What was certain, is now uncertain. What was solid ground, is no longer solid. These effects spread out in individual and communal consciousness like a tidal wave. There is also the collapse of the collective structures of culture. These are recognised as assumption and lies that people live out – usually forced upon them by the very culture they seek to build and preserve.


empty freeway in Auckland
The empty freeways of Covid-19 reflect the shutdowns of industry and commerce, the shutdowns of going shopping, going out with friends.

The cultural lie of who you are is that which perpetrates that you are a physical being with no past, no present, and no future except maybe, pushing up daisies in the greenfields. You are a multidimensional being, the fulness of who you are is not in this physical body, but rather, in the hub of existence called your Oversoul. You are taught that there are no realms of existence beyond your earthly experience, and to make the best of what you have, here and now. This is the lie many are living.

To recognise this lie and to begin to explore your multidimensional being is the beginning of the journey to wholeness, and this also, is a transition state of consciousness. You know you have a soul; well, what do you know about that soul, where has it come from, what is its purpose, why are you here, where are you – Soul embodied in human form – going?

These questions can be overwhelming. The shock reverberates right unto the ground of your being. Your world is topsy-turvy, all upside down. Problem is, time is speeding up, more things are happening in less time, and you do not have the luxury of remaining in a state of being overwhelmed by it all. You are going to remember this cultural manipulation and more importantly, you are going to remember that YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY.


inner worlds
You create your reality by your thoughts, your beliefs, your ideas, and your actions.

You enter a vortex of transition. Your life is bereft, you have reasons why. You can blame other people, situations and institutions for your problem. You are responsible for where you are in your life now. Your story may be true and the effects of other people, situations and institutions may all be true and correct. Yet, you are in this transition state of consciousness, a central vortex, a powerful, creative process. There is no spilt milk as the saying goes, what is gone is gone.

This is a void point, a place of emptiness, a transition between your old life and your new life. What choices do you make, now? Will you remain disoriented in overwhelm, anger, sadness for your lost way of life? If you are bold enough to step into your identity as creator of your own life, then you begin to live as your own Creator/Creatrix.

You step into a personal space where there are no perceptual markers, no guides, no habits, no indicators of what to do. This is the Covid-19 point that many people are at. This is where the human collective is like an immense cosmic serpent, shedding its old skin, writing, twisting, scraping off old encumbrances. Some of these take the form of economic turmoil, personal and commercial. Some of these are political in nature, and some are related to changes in nature, storm, earthquake, volcanic activity.

When you enter transition states of consciousness, you being shedding your belief skins. You begin to understand some of the loopy theories of changes to the earth and the environment are present to you, and that man-made disaster is something you personally experience the effects of.Many different occupations now say that climate change is real.

When the forces around you are strong enough, when the Covid-19 response by your country stops your work, your income, your capacity to obtain food and drink, when you cannot go out and exercise, visit friends and family, when this shock is total and all the perceptual markers are taken away, you must reach up within to higher dimensions of your own existence, your own being, to those realms of consciousness that are beyond time and space.

There is a tendency in the human collective to return to the markers, the security of the past, and / or to rebuild life as much as we can like it was in the past. At the Covid-19 void point in our lives, our brains have extended patterns among the neural pathways, like ski trails in the brain, which may prevent us from recognising this as a time of opportunity – opportunity to contact, opportunity to engage our higher consciousness.

The Covid-19 point, the Covid-19 shock, the Covid-19 pandemic which has pulled the rug out from under your feet. Shock and overwhelm. Inner sense of disaster, inner sense of loss, inner knowing that we can’t make the future like we did in the past. Normal is gone. There are infinite possibilities, infinite opportunities inside you as you raise in consciousness, and choose new beliefs, new ideas, new thoughts about the world and how you progress through this. When you make new choices, these new ideas and beliefs will become the new markers of your life.

Be careful. Be curious. Expect miracles.

Curiosity explores new realities, new experiences, new ways of being. Curiosity does not have any set behaviours, assumptions of how things MUST be, and what the outcomes have to be. Curiosity explores. Like the mind of a child (not childishness), Curiosity allows you to enter a vibratory state of consciousness which greatly benefits you. The extended state of Expectation that you enter is a signal of this world: you create your reality with what you feel, what you think, what you expect! The benefits can be emotional, physical in nature, or mental.

The combination of Curiosity, Expectation, miracles will move you from the void of Covid-19 to a new life, irrespective of what is happening to those around you. This can be an experience of peace, of serendipity. Keep in mind, serendipity is good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries! Each person is the Creator/Creatrix of his or her reality, and in the midst of chaos, people will make different choices and enter different realities. It is a bit like observing changes in the workplace: some stay, some move on. There is an adage, “People move on” with their lives.

There are people in our lives with whom we have strong bonds. Bonds of love, bonds of attachment, bonds of family, like this. We have our peers from the manifold dimensions of our lives. When leaving the Void of Covid-19, we must not be swayed by the choices of those who are not in touch with their higher selves. We must not be swayed nor driven by those with strong attachments to the past, which has been voided by Covid-19. You cannot save them with your own Higher Consciousness, you go ahead and create your reality. You can, however, send them love and light from the higher levels, which has a powerful, transcendent impact upon them.

The Soul, the Oversoul

SOS - the universal distress signal
We mentioned before the notion that you have a soul. The International Distress Signal is “SOS”, meaning “Save Our Souls”. This indicates an overwhelming belief that humans have souls. Many religions speak of the ‘transmigration of the soul’, meaning the soul moves from one body to another. Metaphorically speaking, the Oversoul is like a vast tree, a Tree of Life. You – and your Oversoul – are like a vast Tree of Life with many branches, and many, leaves and blossoms. Your current existence is just one of these leaves and one of these blossoms. You are not one life, one existence, one short spark of life in the vastness of the Universe. You are the Universe, in all its entire existence. You are the rainbow that stretches from one point on the horizon to another, always glistening in the Light. Your DNA is rainbow DNA, it is not one life, one existence, it has a central core in your Tree of Life.


Tree of life with rainbow DNA


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