Are Feelings more important than Truth?

The SoulA recent channelling on a well-known channelling board has claimed that feelings are more important than the truth. The claim was made about feelings in human beings, and the claim alleged to come from a civilisation on another star. While we have no quarrel with the existence of other civilisations and the fact that we might be related to some of them, we do have a quarrel with this claim.

A claim was made, feelings are more important than truth. To be fair, we give the context of the channelling, which was about the reality of ET’s, i.e., extra-terrestials from other stars, other planets. There have been plenty of disclosures of space craft and vessels which behave quite differently from our own aircraft and space-going vessels. There are also manifold accounts of human engagements with people from the stars (we call them starpeople), with narratives and books about Zeta Reticulans, Syrians, Lyrans, Arcturians and so forth. The Blue People from Venus, there are plenty of books out there. So we have no quarrel that there are people from the stars.

And Hybrids, and Rainbow Children, and Crystal Children, and Diamond consciousness children, and Indigo Children. All children born after our year 2000 have access to the full spectrum of light, so they will see and experience more than their forefathers (and mothers!).

It was said that we have all had lives in other places. Well, this is likely true, however, the veil of Maya (illusion), the curtain that drops when we are born, hides all this. For many, to see their past lives would be too much, over-whelming, and even, overpowering. Think of it, if you rode with Genghis Khan and engaged in all that rapine, pillage, plunder and murder, it would be most unpleasant to be walking around with a head full of recollections of gore and killing. (No wonder Game of Thrones was so popular!)

Another claim in this transmission was about “downloads” – that is, information about past lives, soul family matters and so forth. The brain, we have been told, is like a computer and stores information and data – just like other computers. We know of the efficacious transmissions and information that are “brought in” and the internal transformations this can effect. For many, these transmissions bring peace, a feeling of internal positivity and a “knowing” of things that are “so” in this Universe we inhabit.

The claim, “feelings are more important than truth” was directly related to this information.

You see, how you feel is more important than anything.

It’s more important than the truth.

There are a number of contexts in which we can speak about feelings and truth. Some are related to personality, some are related to decision making, and one other important context is the felt experience of truth, as expressed by the depth psychologist, C.J.Jung.

Jung (pronounced Yoong), in his theory of psychological type presented that people may make decisions based on what they feel (based on values) or what they think in a situation (again based on values). Here, Jung is not stating that feelings nor thoughts override the Truth; rather, they are used as guides to reaching the truth (which is another faculty within the human: truth is known, experienced, felt, from the unconscious, according to Jung). That’s deep, and its like the “deep knowing” a mother has when the baby cries, all the different meanings a cry can have that only mothers know. (And this is a universal human truth, also! )

When we undertake actions, they are guided by our feelings and our choices. Sometimes, acting directly on feelings may be fraught with error, for example, the jealous partner, the jilted man, the revenge killing. Many men have been imprisoned or met the ultimate penalty for acting so rashly. There are other ways we can act on feelings, and such action, not guided by the intellect or common sense, can have rather stark outcomes. Taking something because you like it, forcing people to act according to your whim, criticising people or putting them down because you don’t like them or disagree with them – these are all ways of acting on feeling which does not bring any good nor worthwhile action to the self. You might even consider that such action – on feeling, away from the intellect and its guidance of right from wrong – might be called bad karma.

There are many good things people may do – spontaneously – out of generosity and the goodness of their hearts. You can probably come up with many examples for yourself. This is good, and we do honour such people in the community.

It is said that the Creator, the Source of the All, looks to the feelings behind the act. So yes, we may act on feeling, or we may hide our feelings and take action. Human integrity is the connection between thoughts, words and actions. However, we may hide our negative feelings and do the right thing, or what is asked of us. This is not acting gracefully, which we are all capable of.

However, action on feeling alone is not enough to bring human flourishing, not enough to bring about welfare in the community and harmony in the society; we need the guidance of the intellect, which is nearest the soul, and receives over 80% of its illumination from the soul. (The soul radiates light, and is the source of the “love and light” that we share with others. The intellect can guide us to peace, to right conduct, to non-violence, to love one another, and to the truth. The truth exists within us all. We all know that love exists within everything that is, and that love is the prime driver for our needs, and our actions. The primacy of Love can be understood a little more by referring to the following loose formulation:

Love + Words = Truth
Love + Action = Right Action
Love + Thinking = Peace
Love + Discrimination = Non-violence.

Love here is not the feeling of love, nor the feeling of being in love, rather, it is the interior guide to action within us. We speak of Love as a human value, a guide to human choices and action.

Truth is the basis of the society. If we undertake actions not based on truth, the society cannot progress and provide for the welfare of all. There can be revenue nor profit where truth is not followed in trade and commerce. There can be no productivity, prosperity nor progress when the society does not uphold truth in all its actions, in business and commerce. There is no right conduct higher than truth.

The truth is more important than feelings. We may have feelings, and we may have the desire for action, we may want to react to someone or some thing. We can take time. We can take our feelings to our common sense; we can calmly examine the situation and discriminate right and wrong. Then we are acting with true humanness, we are acting with human values, we are embodiments of wisdom, for we have examined within ourselves and chosen a path of action based on our inner guidance.

The Universe is based on Truth.


Truth is the basis of the Universe



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