Are you a Spiritually Oriented Person?

inner compassWe say that spirituality is something that you practice: you observe what works for you in your interior and exterior lives, and what does not work. Your soul and its guidance is your authority to follow your path through life. Here, we look to some indications that suggest spiritually oriented persons following their own paths.

Once you have discovered the deep rooted connection with yourself, you could literally enjoy any experience of your life spiritually, without getting identified with it on the physical plane. On the other hand, it can also be achieved through practice of having faith in your inner knowing and listening to the inner voice rather than operating from ego.

The ego? The ego says “I, Me, Mine”. The ego claims possession and territory… and runs with the mind as the engine.

The soul runs by heart and not mind, so it knows the difference between reality and non real aspects of any situation. If you are a deeply spiritual person, then you would know the significance of tapping into your soul voice every time you are faced making a decision. Listening to the noisy chatter of mind will only snatch away our right to be mentally free and relish life at our best.

Faced with making a decision? Big decisions, small decisions, all are important. If we can make the small decisions that bring us interior peace, the BIG decisions will fall into place. This is a foundation of spiritual intelligence.

The Soul Connection:

You are naturally drawn to spiritual content: Whether you are surfing on the internet or scrolling through Instagram, any post that contains spiritual content will attract you. You would most likely stop and read the whole thing with keen interest. Nothing could come in your way if you are spiritual and want to read something interesting of the same genre. Your thirst for knowledge and wisdom would only increase with time and you would put more effort to find novel spiritual articles for reading. With great perseverance, you enquire, comprehend and enjoy them. So you derive great satisfaction that you have come across – and understood – some spiritual truths.

You like solitude more than anyone around you: The common thing found in most spiritual people is that they like to be alone in their own company to rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. It helps them to form a deep connection within and explore new things about themselves that they didn’t know earlier. Solitude means you are alone, but not lonely. Being in solitude doesn’t mean that you will spend the rest of your life indoors, unbothered. It is a way to find out what you truly want in life from time and time by going on energy saving mode. People like to be alone for different reasons, one of them could be to bring out the creativity into the world. Renowned poets, authors, artists, lyricists, etc. often take time to connect with nature to turn on their creative genie.

You look for signs from the universe: As you might be aware that in the universe, all is one and one is all. Each and every person has come to the Earth to fulfil their unique purpose in life- their soul contract. There are times when we look for guidance and important spiritual messages sent to us by the universe. These signs help us to get a clearer picture of what we should be doing in order to attain great peace and fulfilment in life. Only a spiritual person is aware that they have come here for a purpose, to meet and interact with certain people, to undertake specific tasks. These are all in our soul contract. The universe is here to support us in our soul contract and help us reach our greatest potential. The signs the Universe can send are unexpected arrivals in the mail, appreciation of plants and flowers, repeated conjuncts with information, books, people and places. Some people ask questions, others tell you things. All are signs from the Universe.

You have included at least one mindfulness activity in your routine: YES! YES! YES! You are that person who knows that a day without meditation is a day wasted. Meditation – whatever it is you do – takes you to your centre-point, your soul. There are many other activities like chanting, gardening, yoga, Tai Chi, that can take your mind to that space of peace, of stillness, of rest. YES!, YES!, YES!, even when you are engaged in activities! If you are a well organised person living a disciplined life then no wonder you might be practising any one or more than one of these activities as a part of your daily schedule. The after effects of such practices leave us feeling happier and calmer to deal with any negative situation that might come our way. We can prepare ourselves to tackle the world in a peaceful manner by doing meditation or yoga. You are the one who says no to violence … for you know that LOVE conquers All!

You have a bookshelf; its tomes are markers of your spiritual journey. Some books are like old friends, you go to them when you have a need or an inspiration, or to remind you of your foundations. Other books are of the self-help kind that help you progress on the spiritual path. Still more books abound, reflecting your curiosity about spiritual interest, other paths, other disciplines. You know that all paths lead to the top of the mountain in that other place where we greet each other with joy, happiness and peace! We got there! You came that way, I trekked this path! All lead to the same goal, and this is something you know, deep within your soul.


mountain path
There are many paths to the goal of life



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