Seeds of Personal Transformation

Colourful lighthouseHow do we manage our habits? How do we control the tendencies and desires that we are born with? What is it we can do bring about personal self-transformation? How do we shine our light?

It is said there are two kinds of speech: the wise and the unwise. The tongue has two faculties also; it has taste, and it has the power to hurt others, for once hurtful words are unleashed, they can never be recalled. We create the world we live in with what we think, say and do. As is your speech, so then is your feedback and reinforcement in your practice.

It is possible to change the path of your life by making choices about your speech:

  • what you talk about
  • how you deliver that
  • your tone and attitude with speech
  • and your thoughts which prompt your speech.

We referred to choices about your speech.

  • Behaviour is based on choices.
  • Choices are based on values
  • Values, then, are our guides to action.

What are your values?

Are they values which lead to true humanness, human flourishing?

Joe Biden and respect

We see that respect in language is important.

Minds That Go Too Fast

The mind is like a computer; information is downloaded into the mind by way of input – data gathered by situations, events, learning, parents, family, peers, work, friends, music and recreation. But the computer is limited to how much data can be contained in the memory and can become overloaded and fail to operate with insufficient memory left to process operations, just like a real computer and the swap file needed to conduct tasks. So we need to slow down, treat the mind with respect, just as we treat our bodies with respect with how we operate the body, exercise it, clothe it and utilise it to eke our daily labours.

Much of the illnesses of this day and age are illnesses and distress in the mind. With the advent of mass media and the information superhighway, the mind has become overstimulated and is forced to process information quickly. Overstimulated minds miss the mark, fail to process data and fail to take in alternative points of view, examine values – which are drivers to action – and examine the impact on others when making decisions … for the self … or for others. Overstimulated minds bring grief and dissatisfaction, a basic dis-ease with life generally. We need to learn to take time, and not to haste, waste or worry when making choices.

When the mind is racing too fast and overstimulated, it is left with pockets of inaction, material that is shoved into the dark of the basement of the mind, which, when it becomes full and overloaded, can overflow and pollute the mind and slow things down with half-forgotten material and rubbish which has been shoved out of the way and blocking memory paths within the mind. We end up with mental distress, pain and afflictions caused from within.

We need to learn to take time, and not to haste, waste or worry when making choices.

There is an ancient saying, “The seen reflects the seer”. This means that the world is interpreted by the filters of the person observing. It is better to practice remaining in the witness state. Should our ego arise upon perceiving an object, then we may nullify the object and its impact upon us with right understanding. If desire arises upon perceiving an object, it is OK to correct yourself. The is practising the opposite attitude.

The idea of the Universe is strong in your mind. It is difficult to erase strong tendencies of mind. When you practice the opposite direction, that habitual attitude can be erased. As is the nature and strength of the attitude, so is the phenomenon.

(An attitude is a cognitive process affected by belief, cognitive dissonance and action. Actions affect attitudes.)
(Alternative: Attitudes are feelings – influenced by beliefs, influenced by people, influenced by events)

Inner Power

It is taught in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism that the world – by and large – is filled with illusion and the only thing that exists is the consciousness perceiving the phenomena. This is when you realise that you are the seer, and the seen reflects the seer, with all your interior baggage, tendencies, desires and the inherited karma you brought with you, this time. Nothing exists but you and you must see by self-realisation that you are the ever-effulgent light. It is futile to abandon the light and follow other means. Hence, you may say, “I am everything, and everything cognised by me is unreal”.

You may engage with the world; Cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh. Keep the potency of inner wisdom alive – Keep in mind that it is all unreal. Then, material gratification by the senses will fade.

The idea of the Universe is strong in your mind
It is difficult to erase strong tendencies of mind
When you practice the opposite direction
that habitual attitude can be erased.
As is the nature and strength of the attitude
so is the phenomenon.


Colourful lighthouse
Your Being is exuding the most radiant light
Shine your light
Your Light will help others
Be a lighthouse for those who are lost


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