The Akashic Records, the Earth Soul, the 5th Dimension

The Sphinx - partially excavatedWe begin with questions about events and records of all that has occurred on Earth. We acknowledge that many have experiences, and experience has validity. We look to the Akashic Records – sometimes called the Library of Porthologos, and render guidance given by one Ascended Master about the Akashic Records and the Soul of the Earth, the primary signature of Fire on Earth. We look to how this may be accessed, in which dimension.

The Akashic records are sometimes called the Book of Life, or the Library of Porthologos. Some say it is the record of every life lived on Earth, in the past, the present and future. Others say it also has records of thoughts, emotions, feelings and events that have taken place. Still others say the Akashic records is also a registry of intentions, proposed actions. This last one is likely correct as multiple timelines can be created for and from any event. For example, one new age resource tells that Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election and has recently survived her second assassination attempt. This is not imagination, for multiple timelines do exist and can be created. But we get ahead of our purpose.

Explorations of the akashic field were also a major focus of the writings and work of Edgar Cayce. Cayce’s Akashic studies posited that there is a storehouse of information in a non-physical plane of existence, which maintains a record of every soul’s past, present, and future. Cayce’s readings are some of the best known.

Where are the Akashic Records? Where is the Library of Porthologos? Some say that underneath the Aegean Sea there is an entrance way to the Porthologos Library of Hollow Earth. Others tell that the Akashic records are in the hollow earth and cover 456 square miles of terrain, and are crystal records. Still others say that the Library of Porthologos or the Akashic Records are multidimensional.

And now we go inside the Library of Porthologos, and walk up the crystal staircase, where the door opens up into the Universe. Yes, the Library is multidimensional! As you enter, you see the Milky Way Galaxy floating around you, and can glance into the heavens beyond, which encompasses our whole Universe. You see the Stars and Suns and other Solar Systems revolving around our Central Sun; and you feel part of “All That Is”, as indeed you are..

Aegean Sea
It is claimed that underneath the Aegean Sea there is an entrance way to the Porthologos Library of Hollow Earth.

For each and every person, Truth is based on actual experience. That experience can be internal, that experience can occur through the third eye, that experience can be felt in every cell, every atom of our existence. When reading about Near Death Experience you get the idea that experience has occurred that is nigh impossible to put in words, but a person has had a gestalt, a profound experience of personal transformation, inner transformation that is difficult to put in worlds. We are not going to be defensive here, the description given above is one person’s truth about the Library of Porthologos in Hollow Earth.

Words and Meaning

A little exploring of words and meanings. Akash is a word in both Sanskrit and Hindi, and means space, sky, the element of ether. It is the subtlest form of matter. The Akash (or ether) is an element – it pervades the Cosmos and remains unstained. It is an element, in Vedanta, it is the fifth element along with Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Akash gives things form and keeps them discrete. The akash (or akasha) has properties: its quality is sound, and it is through space (ether) that sound is transmitted and heard. (Think of radio signals coming from other galaxies and stars.)

Yet others say that the Akashic records are found under the Sphinx, in another dimension. When one changes dimensions, the stele of Tutmose disappears and there is a stairway down underneath the Sphinx, which leads to the primal flame on Earth: this flame is the flame of the Soul of the Earth and has been here since Creation of Earth. The star people who build the Sphinx and the Pyramids were the Leonines.


Where ever an event has occurred, there is an energy signature of that event. So we may say that the Akashic records are actually held all through the Earth and wherever an event has occurred, that is a record.

There is also a source of records for each soul and the Earth’s Soul, and everything else that has been created upon this planet – and that record exists in the dimensional portal underneath the Sphinx in Egypt. This is the place where these records are kept near the paws or the underside of the Sphinx.


The paws of the Sphinx shortly after excavation. Between the paws is the stele of Tutmose. There is a grand stairway between the paws, which leads down to many chambers in the 4th Dimension. The records of the Earth’s soul and all souls on Earth are found here, and one Ascended Master advises these are easily accessible. At the base of the Sphinx is a flame which will never go out. That flame is the soul of the Earth.


It actually does have the signature of Fire beneath the Sphinx – this has been told to you before. It is the signature of Fire but it is the Fire of Light that is creation. And that needed to be included in the signature of the Earth – earth, fire, water, and the ether. All these energies had to have a base or signature so that they could be used to create – you understand. And so a Sphinx was one of the early forms that was here on your planet Earth.”

If you can think of the Light as energy and the energy – or the heart flowing within any person – or each Being that comes with a Soul – this flame is the signature to hold that flame – flame of the soul on this Earth and it is within the base of the Sphinx.

It can easily be connected to: whenever one lights a candle, the flame can be connected to this primal flame, the soul signature of the Earth.

The 5th Dimension

The 4th dimension has been here for a long time. The lower 4th dimension is populated with lost souls, souls that have not yet found the Source; souls that pass over in less than salutary circumstances. Some were killed violently, some were murdered, yet others overdosed on drugs or were drunk at death. Others who were drunk drowned in their vomitus. The lower 4th also comprises souls harbouring negativity, hatred, revenge and murderous vibration towards those responsible for their passing. Sai Baba told that there are more souls in the lower 4th dimension, than are currently in bodies on the Earth.

The higher 4th dimension contains the stargates, the astral prints of what existed on Earth before the Fall of Atlantis, and structures and places of higher energy that can be accessed by those souls engaged in Ascension: light-workers, spiritual seekers, people of integrity, people of nobility (St Germain was one such), and leaders who seek to follow the path of goodness, beauty and truth. So all who seek and embody human flourishing – Love and Light – may access the higher 4th dimension and the 5th dimension.

Many shall be pulled over into the 5th dimension, which is currently “pulling” the energy, frequency, vibration of Earth into a faster dimension. You may say that ‘time is speeding up’, for it is. This “pulling” of the 5th Dimension is not unlike the chain reaction; once Earth’s energy, frequency raises then all that is, is the Light and Love of the Source of the All.


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