Multiple Universes, Multiple Timelines

multiple universesThe human experience of the Third Dimension – embodied life on Earth – is one of time. We have this human experience of time past, time present and time future in our life, our mind, our experience. What of other dimensions, other universes, other timelines? Are there really “past lives” or is this recollection connected to the Oversoul?. Now read on…

In looking toward this event by name Ascension, we have learned of the 5th Dimension. It is important to recall that the 5th Dimension has existed here on Earth in yesteryear. At the Fall of Atlantis – the Earth fell from the 5th Dimension. This event we call the Fall of Atlantis occurred 12,000 years ago, and in our records, it is the event called The Flood. The Earth nearly died. Time in other dimensions does not move at the same speed (or rate) as it does in 3D reality. Time elapses faster in the 4th and 5th Dimensions. Carbon dating is inaccurate, and when Ascended Masters and Spirit guides are asked to date events in the past, there is confusion due the different lapsing rates (or speed of) Time. Time past is not always accurate, if we are speaking of events in other dimensions.

At this point in time, it is known there are twelve (12) dimensions, the first six of which are dimensions of physical embodiment. We have been told that there are beings that live within our own star, the one we call Sun or Sol. What dimension do these beings live in? We know the temperatures of the Sun, we know of the sunspots, the coronal mass ejections. The beings that live in our star, the Sun, cannot be living in 3D reality; they are beings living in the higher dimensions, from the 7th, up, with energy, frequency and vibration at a faster, higher rate than that of the Earth.

We keep in mind that everything is energy, frequency, vibration, and these (elements) (phenomena) (faculties of embodiment) all spin faster / vibrate faster at each higher octave or dimension of physical existence. They also bring layers of consciousness, layers of awareness of existence: at this moment, in other moments, in parallel universes, in parallel timelines. Where does time go? We have clocks to measure time. The first clocks were water clocks; then there were pendulum clocks. Then came the invention of sextants, to measure time and space and give a location on earth. Isaac Newton spoke of common time and absolute time. The problem with speaking about time like this is that it does not exist like this in other dimensions.

Those who enter other dimensions (astral projection in the 4th dimension, near death experiences, out of body experiences, and those who willingly project themselves to other locations) all return to the present time and do not account of time passing. Others have interior experiences – what we may call religious experiences – that seem to last for eternity, yet, when they return to their bodies, not one second has elapsed. This very strongly suggests that time is an artificial construct of the third dimensional reality. Time goes into the future, for we can never recall time past, and we cannot bring back time past: it is impossible for a rotten apple to become a whole, ripe apple again.

When those from the spirit world communicate with us, it is hinted there is no past, no present, no future, and that soul embodiments are all co-temporal in different experiences in different timelines. While it is possible to jump timelines in the physical body, and while it is possible to bilocate to different locations, it is also possible to recall or capture experiences of other aspects of the soul in different timelines. This is sometimes called “past life recall”. The correct terminology might be “connection to oversoul – exploring other dimensions of existence”. Everything is happening now, in parallel universes, on parallel timelines. The veil between these experiences can become thin and permeable in certain conditions and in certain places, particularly where one is having a current parallel experience. The mind is not limited to one body.

The mind exists – and has existed – in many incarnations. The mind experienced today is the summary or fruit of other experiences and soul choices, soul contracts for the current incarnation or lifetime. The mind is bonded to the Soul and accompanies the soul to each lifetime until detachment and collapse of duality into Oneness of reality is achived.


many timelines

We are having many experiences in many locations all at the same time. Time does not exist for the soul nor the Oversoul


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