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Fork, junction, pathways in a parkThe Source of the All uses many messengers. And has told so – that messages would be received in many parts of the world. Many of the messengers are in a perfect balance of yin-yang, light-dark, positive-negative, masculine-feminine, and so, reflect that perfect balance, equilibrium and harmony of the Source of the All. The direct presence of the Source is imbued with silence, total consciousness and awareness. Here we bring you one message from Source, with some exegesis, some minor explanation. (People are at different places of awareness.)

The Cross Roads

Source has indicated that messages will be given out about the rise of the Earth to higher dimensions (that which is in transition now) and that all that live on Earth will be affected in one way or another. These messages are given by many instruments. There have been a lot of messages, worldwide. These continue to be given, daily. The messages are received and understood according to the mode of the reciever.


The time has come for all of humanity to make a decision, for a choice is available. The opportunity exists for all, equally, to embrace the new frequencies available and to soar with the wings of their spirit — embracing the constant change, by increments, or to fall back to old ways and habits that are comfortable. This means that there is either alignment with our inner being, our true voice and essence or the path of distraction, which leads to ignorance. In other words, the choice to ignore the signals that are becoming increasingly intense, the clarion call that asks us to remain aware and fully present, acting according to the instructions that are being given. Remaining tuned-in, receptive, connected, and listening to inner feelings. Prompts, if you will, to provide reassurance, to set a course of action, to enable equilibrium to be restored wherever it has been challenged.

This particular sentence is important: Remaining tuned-in, receptive, connected, and listening to inner feelings. Prompts … . In this time of Covid-19 and vaccination hesitancy, and impending US government revelation of UFO activity, understand that there is much interference on “the astral” and that negative thoughts or despondency may have you ignoring prompts and feelings given you by “Upstairs”. To put it mildly, “Upstairs” knows everything that is happening and knows everything that is happening to YOU. The Source waits for you to turn to the Source itself with love, and seeking of guidance into the future. How does the Source communicate with you? Remaining tuned-in, receptive, connected, and listening to inner feelings. Prompts, these are the main channels the Source uses.


Those who choose to – may now advance exponentially – for they have been placed in a position whereby they will be nurtured — the conditions are ripe for advancement, or ‘expansive’ in terms of entirely new gateways (portals) opening by which humanity may take advantage of the knowledge that was once held by the ancients.

In the Fall of Atlantis, the Earth nearly died. Many records were lost. Crystals were communication devices and also held records. Access to ancient technologies and communication devices has been lost, forgotten. Occasionally, one or another Hierarch or Director from the Fall of Atlantis reincarnates and uses crystals and gemstones in manner and fashion unknown to modern science and technology, much like Tesla and his inventions. In some manuscripts – and in some records – there are layers and layers of meaning which are accessed by different layers of consciousness. Rising to higher dimensions – in large part – is accessing layers of consciousness within, and reactivating the so-called “junk-DNA” within the human. It is in this wise that new gateways (portals) opening by which humanity may take advantage of the knowledge that was once held by the ancients. will be accessed. Other messengers and channels are also giving strategies to access to light, energy and matter in order to rise to higher layers of consciousness and obtain this access.


Equally, those that choose to remain stuck in the dramas of their own creation will find a new set of circumstances in the form of obstacles to be navigated. Again, it is a choice, for free will is in operation.

It is important to understand that what we think, we create. You need to think carefully about what you think because what you think, you create. You are all electro-magnetic energy people, and the field will manifest for you the very thing that you think. So be aware of what you think, and take care. It’s habit really. Free will is never taken away from us. Everyone – including YOU – has a role to play, and for some people in your life, their role is to be a mirror of you. They reflect you, your habits and attitudes back to yourself. Whenever you point the finger at someone, look down at your hand: three fingers are pointing back at yourself.

Creation has to be navigated with your personal soul contract, your karmic energy you brought with you for this life, and your personal aspirations. Some people go around in circles, repeating the same actions, the same words, the same mistakes. This reflects the tracks in their minds, which are like a broken record – repeating the same groove ever and again. There is a difference between having 21 years experience, and one year’s experience 21 times. It is called maturity, the ability to learn from experience and make new choices.


It is not easy to paint a picture, for these increments are gradual, allowing time for assimilation of higher frequencies and their embodiment in the physical. For many, these ‘symptoms’ have been uncomfortable as they have been misunderstood or packaged and labelled by those who wish to limit numbers (of adherents) by creating confusion. This is lifting, enabling a more accurate rendering of what is currently evolving as many fears and accumulations are cleansed.

There were earlier predictions (circa 1980, etc) that there would be a massive change to the Earth and a ”certain clearing out” would take place. The Source has indicated – many, many times – that there will be no global disaster, no mass departure of souls due asteriods or planetoids colliding with the Earth. There will not be any global disaster. The Source has shared – through many instruments – that the increase to higher energy-light-matter would be graduated with the reopening of the Stargates (the web of light) surrounding the Earth.

There are those who give out confusing messages, and those who give out that only a certain elect will make the transition to the higher dimensions. This is untrue.

Earlier in this message the following was given: Remaining tuned-in, receptive, connected, and listening to inner feelings. Prompts, if you will, to provide reassurance, to set a course of action, to enable equilibrium to be restored wherever it has been challenged. Your opportunity is to follow your intuition – your inner tuition – which will guide you to what you may listen to (and is good to follow) and what is not worth listening to (and what is not good to follow). Remember, the brain is not the only consciousness in your body; the Soul has consciousness and is sending you messages all the time. When you read of or encounter those creating limit, confusion, disarray, disablement, listen to the inner-tuition from your soul.


Each person shall experience this differently, according to their level of receptivity and willingness, often described as consciousness. The more aware, the clearer the vision and guidance, or instruction, as the blueprint, or template, is activated — think of it as ‘migration patterns’, of a higher intelligence that governs harmonious collective actions for the good of all and survival of the species — encoded, operational, up and running ‘broadcasting’ waves of benevolent energy that penetrate even the darkest places where illusion has been most prevalent. The reset that many talk about, globally, yet far from the marketing that accompanies it.

Held in the heart-space, the point of activation, the centre from which all must be undertaken — in full awareness, with true intention, with trust in goodness. It begins with the question “Who am I”. It is accomplished through “I am everything in existence, for there is no separation between form and substance”. The fabric of the universe is woven from many layers as filaments of light render us more transparent.

We are all connected — contemplate this and each shall receive confirmation.


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