This Wave of Love: This Love Light

Heart of the SunMuch is happening on Earth at this time. Perhaps Earth has not known peace since the Hiroshima bombing; certainly, humanity has experienced many transformations since that time. We look to the Golden Age, the time when a wave of Love will flood the Earth and raise all to the divine essence – embodiments of Divine Love.


It is important to keep one’s personal Crystals cleansed by ways already known to many. For example, washing in the ocean, running underwater after rubbing in Earth, sageing, intentions via one’s own Energy from hands, etc. One will know that which suits. At the appointed time, ALL Crystals will resonate with the Vibrational Frequency of what is taking place. One may also find that in the weeks beforehand, their Crystals may take on a different appearance, perhaps have an unusual glow about them, and also, one would be very much aware of the pulsing Vibration … coming/being offered … from them.

‘This Event’

Now, you ask about ‘This Event’ that is rumoured to be coming. It is not the end of times, and it is not the end of life as you know it on Earth. ‘This Event’ is being prepared for on Earth. You have forgotten the great ley-lines and energy grids on Earth. Yes, you had electricity before, it was distributed freely across all the Earth to all these little places called Atlantis. And it was free.

So, you have forgotten that electricity was distributed across Earth in earlier times. There are also ley-lines, lines of great magnetic energy that criss-cross the Earth. Soon, your scientists will discover that everything is magnetism, everything is energy – frequency – vibration. It is through these magnetic lines, through these ley-lines and the monoliths that are positioned on Earth that ‘this event’ will be triggered.

In order to understand this, you might think of a device that one invents for fun. It is ‘triggered’ and perhaps a ball rolls down tubes and in turn … knocks something deliberately placed in its pathway … which in turn … allows something else … some other movement to begin etc … like this.

All these monoliths

The actual ‘flash’ itself as it leaves the Sun … will trigger a few of them … would we say … the main circuits /switchboards … which in turn will Energetically connect with all the others, for they are all … ready … in place. All ready and interconnected through their routes.

They are of much Power … beyond human comprehension, or anyone of Earth. When ‘ignited’, when ‘activated’ … and ‘at play/in play’ … their ENERGY will enable a huge Magnetic, Energetic, Electrical Wave … of both Sound and Movement.

All these monoliths are now in place. Yet, none are to be activated, at this time. They shall remain dormant until ‘The signal’ is given, at which point they shall ‘Come alive and do their thing’.

They will send tones and signals to one another across your Globe and out to other sources like themselves, that are not on your Planet. The connections between them … each one … shall we say … would be in comparison to a conversation. As you can imagine this is a complex matter that cannot be completely understood on the human brain’s capacity level at this time. Extremely advanced scientists will not be able to keep up with the signals and communications between them, for their codings are not of/from this world.

Their purpose is to activate many Ley Lines, Portals, and the vast dormant Crystals that lie beneath your soil. To activate within the human mind … codes that were set/given long before your presence on Earth. These Ascension Codes were taken up in your soul contract before birth. You agreed – in your Oversoul – to come here and perform a special task – for all humanity on the planet at this time.

‘This Event’ will bring with it, is of such Light. Such Energy change … for/of … ALL THAT IS. Both on and off Planet. This is why we have said ‘All eyes are on your Planet’ as it is part of the upliftment of everything … for everything is connected.

This LOVE LIGHT that is to sweep over, through and within, is of a magnitude that has not yet been experienced in such a way.


Heart of Life



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