The Pandemic and Change

The Pandemic and ChangeIt is clear from the pandemic that human life has changed forever. Humanity has faced many challenges, and changes in patterns of spirituality, work, exercise and relaxation continue to unfold. At this time we are called to be gentle both with ourselves and all that is in our environment. This is one of the manifestations of Ascension; it is part and parcel of new dimensions, and changes to energy, frequency and vibration. It is the time of androgyny, the time of the energy of the feminine rising and taking its place in humanity.

There are many challenges and things that could have easily been corrected. And yet it’s all perfect in time. You’re in a very unusual situation, which is quite magical indeed. So, let us explain some of the things we see that we’re actually looking forward to in the long-term. Number one, we’ve been talking for a very long time about the energy of the feminine rising and taking its place in humanity.

However, this can be difficult because the feminine energy has different attributes than masculine energy. Masculine energy tends to move by force, while feminine energy tends to move by harmony. It’s totally different, but we’re not telling you that masculine energy is negative or bad in any way. Re-member, you need a balance of both.

Today’s global events are all opposing the rising of feminine energy. In fact, many are desperately attempting to force change by keeping the masculine in charge. This is repeating itself in multiple places on Earth at this time. However, the larger aspect of this is a response to feminine empowerment. From the Taliban to abortion in Texas, there are direct reactions to the rise of the feminine. How far will the pendulum have to swing before its momentum is reversed by the rising feminine? Humans, and especially women, in many lands will now write these next chapters as you take these next evolutionary steps. How long will it take to come back the other way we don’t know, but we’ll tell you it’s going to be much faster than ever before. The pendulum is in motion and the feminine is still rising, very quietly.

Atlantean Help with the Virus

There are many other situations on this planet that require attention from time to time. One of them is the virus you have labelled COVID-19. Our original prediction about this virus was that you would be dealing with it for three to five years. You’re currently looking at a window of opportunity to turn the corner in the spring of next year, and there are potentials to move that timeline up. There is a lot of resistance and interest in keeping the virus active. We shared an interesting aspect of this not long ago that we spoke about Atlantis rising. We spoke about how the power crystals had now found a new home, and how this energy is being released into the atmosphere through a plasma that very few people know about.

The interesting part about that is the Atlanteans brought forward the energy of the physical body. Although humans have made huge advances in biology, most of your recent advances have actually been in the area of the quantum world, including electronics. In the days of Atlantis, those advances were focused in the area of the physical body and biology. Healing modalities were established, only to later be lost and remained hidden until today. That energy is now being released into the atmosphere and is actually behind many of the resolutions to this problem. Just be patient, dear ones. No one can tell you exactly what’s going to work for you, but take a look at the larger aspects and the massive advances in biology that have just recently been made. You’re going to see a lot more coming of this in the days ahead.

Keep in your minds and hearts the first responders, who have great difficulty balancing their own lives during these times. Everyday many walk away out of sheer exhaustion, both physical and emotional. In some areas, healthcare systems will break in the short term as they become overwhelmed. But in the long term they will be rebuilt in a different, stronger, and more flexible way, as similar challenges for humanity at this level are ahead.

Earth Connections

There are many parts of the world experiencing the effects of global warming. The Earth is changing, as she too is going through an evolution. It is almost as if she has a grounding in two worlds at once. Like humans, she is creating a higher space in which to live and the evolution is underway. As she reaches higher, events are intensifying behind her. Hurricanes, floods, fires, water shortages and extreme temperatures are all occurring at a quickening pace. These events are not right or wrong, dear ones, they are simply and undeniably underway. There are many inventions and discoveries that will be created by the new challenges. New understandings of the physical body are just ahead, as a result of the Atlantean energy. That same Atlantean energy will also aid in calming and connecting with the Earth. Many of you will find you have placed yourself here at exactly this moment to aid at this time.

AI and the Others

As mentioned earlier, planet Earth evolved in slightly different ways than Atlantis. Although today advances have been made in understanding biology, the major advances were in the area of understanding the quantum world, the world inside the atom. Electricity and all of its uses, including computers and cell phones, came from these advances. Now humanity is on the brink of a new era of understanding. Artificial Intelligence was the most recent wave of discovery to hit your planet. In effect, humans are attempting to replace themselves with their own inventions. That may sound terrible to most of you, but it is very natural for all games everywhere to learn that they are creators and to attempt the greatest of creations. In Atlantis, this led to what you call cloning. DNA was manipulated to produce a race of beings that could easily perform physical labour. It was considered to be helpful to society, and since they were not created through natural means they were considered to not be human. It made life easier in Atlantis, until many years later they came face-to-face with the realisation that their creations were as human as they were.

Artificial Intelligence is nothing more than a human creation. It was developed and is being used globally every time you pick up your cell phone. It is already buried deep within the fabric of society. The challenges are that it is being used only to make money, and it is being done behind the scenes. The largest use of AI today on your planet is to profile you and get all the information about you that it can. Then your profile is sold to businesses who want to sell you just what you are looking for. It used to be that hackers would steal your information from web sites where your information was kept. That is no longer necessary, because you give that information and much more when you accept free services or goods on the internet. Those little boxes they ask you to check with the small print gives them the right to do so. This is now standard business practice on Earth. AI was immediately incorporated into election control, as was seen in 2016 with the use of Cambridge Analytica. After an investigation Cambridge Analytica dissolved the company, but the technology then went underground. That technology is being used in many parts of the world today, usually to disrupt or break apart political systems.

Does this mean that humans are in danger of being controlled by their own inventions? Yes, dear ones, this has been happening for quite some time. The challenge is not that it is happening, but that it is happening under the radar. In 1966 the computer chip was discovered at IBM, when a scientist decided to connect newly discovered transistors together in an unusual way. Although that changed the world, the biggest impact came later when the new head of IBM decided that they would release it to the world free of charge. That is really what caused the rapid advances you see in your world today, far beyond what Atlantis had in this area of technology. That gift to the world allowed it to be developed openly. Although there were many who feared these new scary boxes at the time, today they are an integral part of your world.

As we have said many times: You cannot put the genie back in the bottle. What you can do is to push for regulations and visibility, so that people know what is being used and by whom. You are creator beings and very little can hurt you if you see it coming. Transparency is the aim of the 21st century on Earth. If you make it, we will see it. You cannot be controlled for long, if you can see who is behind it.

Interesting enough, we can also tell you the AI has huge capabilities to assist the Earth and the human condition at this time. It all depends on the focus it is used for. Look ahead, figure it out before it gets here. Because again, it’s closer than you think.

And with that, I leave you now with a reminder that great times are coming. Dear ones, the magic is in front of all of you and you are the greatest magicians on Earth. Well done! Every aspect of this is now yours. It’s with the greatest of honour that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together, as you create this magical game of light.


The Pandemic and Change
Androgyny – the balance of masculine and feminine


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