There is a bigger picture

There is a bigger picture Judy Carroll and Paula Jane deliver Vlog called Just Love. They have regular contact with the people from the Stars: those we call starpeople. Here, they share a bright, cheerful message that takes us towards Christmas and reminds us that we can let our lights shine brightly.

As we head into Christmas at this most precious time on the planet, let us truly make a stand for what peace and goodwill towards ALL men on Earth really means. Let us be that peace and goodwill towards all men. Unity in diversity has never been more imperative.

We were born into right and wrong, blame and conflict. We’ve all felt unworthy, insecure and threatened at some point, and we may have even felt the need to assert power over others to feel safe.

This no longer fits! When we abide In spiritual truth, power and hierarchy are illusions. You are awakening, and your soul is seeking harmony and unconditional love. Harmony and unconditional love exist in a place of equality. We are uniting. We are uniting in diversity.

Unity in diversity is an expression of harmony and unity towards everyone regardless. It is having respect for each other’s choices. It is acceptance of their choice, and it is having compassion and empathy for both yourself and the other in order to allow them to express their views. It is creating space and time to come together in a safe, peaceful and harmonious dialogue. We can do this!

We can do this, and it starts with you, so if there is a stirring within you, now is the time to heed its call. You truly are a gift to the world right now. It may not look or feel like it, but the energy that you are bringing by shining your light and speaking your truth and being your authentic self, is exactly what you are meant to do.

This is all new ground we are treading. This is a new world, and it can feel foreign and even confronting, so remember to breathe and return within where you will gather the strength and the courage to continue. We are leaving behind the world that has taught us to live in fear and divisiveness, and to succumb to the demands of others. We are returning within and we are finding our own truth.

We are on the front line. We are the ones who are going through all of this first, in order to pave the way and smooth the path for others. To be a light! This is what we signed up for!

Be gentle with yourself; be compassionate with yourself and with others. We are in a collective shadow, and we are watching structures and systems fall apart. This has to happen so that we can rebuild them. This is happening on a collective level and also on a personal level. We are experiencing beliefs and programs coming up that no longer serve us, so that we can see them and release them.

Remember to connect to the NOW: to the present moment. That’s really all you have to do! Take a deep breath and connect to all there is right here, right now. There’s really no need to even let anything go. It’s just a matter of being present, and receiving what is already here for you; what is already in your reality.

You’re not who you were yesterday, you’re not who you were one year ago, you’re not who you were ten years ago. You are so much stronger, you are so much wiser, you are so much braver than what you think you are. The best version of you is ready to live your best life. This may feel foreign to you because you’ve been playing in versions that no longer serve you. You’ve been playing in old versions of yourself, but all versions of you are now integrating. There is a stronger and even more loving version of you now driving this vehicle that you’ve been given to navigate this time on Earth.

We are using our truth, and we are using our voice to unite. Unity in diversity has never been more profound than what it is today! Remember to be ever vigilant of others, accept their point of view, allow their point of view. Hold firm in your truth and come from love.

Let’s have fun with this; let’s lighten up; let’s do this with grace and ease. Let’s celebrate! Let’s celebrate life, let’s celebrate each other! We are the lucky ones! We are witnessing something so extraordinary, and we probably did everything that we could to be here for this time. So, let’s enjoy our beautiful planet. Everything truly is playing out perfectly. Trust that this is so and you will find peace.

Trust equals peace, so know that you’re always protected. Go forth and smell the roses, listen to the birds sing, enjoy the magical sunsets and delight in putting your feet in the sand. There’s so much power in doing just this! Enjoy this beautiful world that we live in: it’s still here for the taking. Everything is playing out by Divine Design and all is well.

There is a bigger picture, there is a rhyme and a reason for everything that is playing out, trust, trust, trust and choose Love as your ally. Each and every one of us is a light unto the world and when we come together and unite as One, our light shines even brighter.


There is a bigger picture


Source © Judith Carroll
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