YOU and the Environment: Your vibrations…

Wetfern forest“All is One” is the ancient teaching of the Perennial philosophy. So in an elemental way, we are one with the rainforest, the oceans, the mountain peaks. In an elemental way? All these elements of nature are found in your body. Our biologicial ancestors swam, crawled and walked out of the waters. Now, the Earth can heal, if we heal ourselves …

The Trees

Often the biggest challenge is seeing things from a different perspective. We’d like to do that this day, by asking you to connect your hearts to the energy of the rain forests. We’re going to start there. Perhaps you’ve been some place in the world where there is a rain forest, whether it be in Hawaii, the Amazon, or the Congo. There are rain-forests in Kakadu, the Daintree and the Tarkine in Tasmania. Rain forests balance your energy on Earth. Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide; trees and plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Vegetation is the natural balance for biology. Originally, dear ones, the trees were meant to balance your energy. Re-member energy never dies, it only converts from one form to another and the rain forests play an important part in that process.

What is taking place now is that humanity is starting to have exponentially increasing needs. Decisions are being made for the short term rather than looking farther ahead. Right now, the Amazon is on fire. It is a controlled burn approved and sanctioned by the government. They say it is to clear the forest to make way for farmland to feed the increasing needs of their population. However, the fragile ecosystem that keeps humans in balance can be tilted more easily than you may know. This is one area that can especially use your focus, dear ones. Bring it into your awareness to expose it to the light, for there are solutions.

Connecting to the Coral

coral reef
As we’re coming together, we have one other issue we wish to work with you in healing the planet. And it’s a part that’s very critical to your oceans. You may not be aware of it dear ones, but there are many oceans that have died. If you look at the Gulf of Mexico, the Baltic Sea or the Bay of Bengal, you’ll see many places in the oceans where life no longer exists. The coral is a big part of that, although you may simply think of coral as being these beautiful colorful sea creatures. Coral actually creates a very special and unique energy, which is needed in more ways than you know. Humans don’t quite understand their connection to the coral, but it is one of the energy balancing systems that have created a space for humanity to stretch out in the timeline. You’re sharing the same energy. Much like the trees that balance the energy of the carbon dioxide you expel, the coral balances energy in the oceans. Coral converts things into a vibrant energy that feeds the oceans and the Earth.

You’re living on a changing planet, dear ones. So, take a deep breath, everyone. And release all of it as you let go. When you come together with other humans, the trees and coral hold the balancing energy that many of you have. We ask you all to take a look at every tree, every piece of greenery that grows, which gives you that base and connection. Part of them is actually part of you. So, if you can walk in that energy, you’ll walk toward Home very quickly. That’s the whole idea of the game, to create Home here right now. Ah, it sounds easy but it’s not. But we’re not concerned, dear ones, because you are the greatest angels who have ever lived anywhere.

We are not here to say you must do something. That is not our role. However, we are concerned with the state of the planet Earth at this time, and we have spoken about that before. It needs care. It does not need holes dug into it because in actual fact that causes it to tip into an off balance from the rotation that it is in with the solar system. So please be aware of that. It is a simple thing to say, and a simple thing to think about, but what is happening upon this planet is another thing and it needs to be corrected.

The Human race is also being challenged. This is a time of separation when each Human being upon this Earth can make a choice. Whether they’re ready to move on to a raised consciousness, which is a much brighter frequency of vibration and love. But whether their physical body can handle that is another thing. Or perhaps they would like to go elsewhere, that is their choice. And they are always assisted if they make that choice.

So understand, those that are leaving now because of the pandemic that is on your planet at this time, are, We can assure you, very happy and have gone to a place that is a lot easier to live than the challenges that the Human race faces upon this planet.

You’re on the planet to make these connections right now. And we are always with you, to help you along the path and create that energy to keep your own body comfortable, safe and healed. Well done, dear ones, welcome Home. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


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