Playing well together

hands shakingThere is much to distract us on Earth at this time. Omicron seems to have got out of control, and for some, Christmas is cancelled, again. The Sun traverses from solar minimum to solar maximum. More and more energy – and subtle inner light – is being released to all that live on Earth. Time is speeding up, vibrations are rising and individuals now feel these effects. Nonetheless, the 5th Dimension is here. We need to remind ourselves from time to time that all who come here – have a soul contract to fulfil. We are urged to play tag and pass the higher vibration and light energy on to all in our ambit. We can play well, together.


Virus Mutation

So, let’s talk about the virus for just a moment. Yes, the new variant is showing now and has spread globally. Although it brings challenges, they mostly show in the separation we referenced earlier. Cooperation and sharing of information is key to a rapid resolution. Now we’re going to tell you something very exciting, the virus will be tamed on Earth. This will not be like your influenza virus that has never been fully eradicated. Although you have ways of controlling it after all these years, and that may be coming soon too. But the most important part about this virus is to know that it comes in waves. Europe will have a wave, then India and the United States will have a wave at different times. Right now South Africa has a wave in motion.

There are several potentials for humanity at this crossroad, and we cannot wait to see which path you take. There are many tools to assist with the virus. Although many distrust vaccines, we’ll also tell you that there are other incredible tools that are coming forward to keep the virus under control until you eradicate it. Yet with misinformation traveling six times faster and farther than the truth, this may take some time. We tell you that your next opportunity to eradicate the virus will be in the spring of 2022, which is not that far away. And yet, that’s only the first opportunity.

So, what happens if you don’t completely bring the virus under control and eradicate it in the spring of next year? It’s very simple, you still have other opportunities. Everything comes in waves, and there’ll be many waves. There will be at least four opportunities in 2022 to completely eradicate the virus from planet Earth. Working together and sharing global information is the key. Many tools are at your disposal and more are coming if you so choose.

When the virus first arrived, people started asking questions about how long it would be here. We had to tell the truth. And we told you from our perspective, it’s going to be there from three to five years. Well, what we are telling you now is that the virus can be gone even earlier. If you’re able to eradicate this at any time in 2022, then you will have beat the odds. And this is the first opportunity, the first of the waves that are coming in where you can take action to create something very special and magical.

Soon you will even find pills that can take the place of a vaccine, although the mistrust will remain. There are many motivated people working diligently to come up with new inventions and opportunities to connect. You’re closer than you think, for there are magical times ahead for each and every one of you. Dear ones, heal yourselves first. Walk in that light, then reach out and offer it to all those who choose to come behind you. Of course, you are all the same, you’re all connected. You’re all part of each other in different ways. And that magic is probably one of the key elements that you have working right now, the heart energy. Your thoughts are an electrical pattern, while your heart vibrates in a magnetic pattern. It’s actually part of the same spiral that goes through time-space. Thus magnetic waves traveling through space can help to open hearts and keep them out of fear.

Good News from the Sun

A sun arc recently captured by satellites observing the Sun. Several Earth’s could fit inside this arc on the Sun.

Now there’s an interesting thing taking place right now, you’re starting on a new solar cycle. Although it actually started a while back, it’s going to take time to reach the top of that solar cycle in July 2025. Solar cycles happen every 11 years. The sun goes through a process where it changes poles. North become South, and South becomes North. Not that it turns over, but the magnetics of it turn around and switch, which starts a whole new solar cycle every 11 years. When a solar cycle reaches its highest intensity the sun erupts and throws off energy into space, which is called a solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejection. The energy hits the Earth in long magnetic waves. These waves not only cause the colorful dance in the sky, but they also send magnetic waves to the hearts of the inhabitants of Earth. Yes, this can help to bring people together.

If those eruptions are pointed directly at planet Earth, it can cause anomalies and different challenges, especially having to do with electronics. And every time you see a solar flare come up, you’re going to see that in your headlines, “Watch out, be careful—it’s going to hit any moment and you’re liable to have a blackout!” People like to sell the news, so they’re going to give you the worst scenario that they can to get your attention. Although some of that is entirely true it’s very rare, so do not be fearful. What happens with the solar flares is that they send out huge waves of neutrinos along with magnetic energy. They are so small that billions pass through your body in a day. What humans have yet to understand is that as they pass through you, they also charge you with solar energy.

The Aurora Borealis seen in Alaska and other Northern places is the magnetic waves from the sun. Those magnetic waves hit your ionosphere and interact with them. They light up the sky with these beautiful energies, but those are only the ones you see. The waves also travel all throughout planet Earth. The neutrinos themselves are incredibly small and not to be feared. They pass through your body billions at a time and you don’t even realise it. They don’t interfere with you, but they do carry a solar charge.


Magnetic shield
The Earth is surrounded by multiple magnetic shields; the energy of the Sun and the neutrinos pass through – unharmed – in waves

The last several solar cycles have produced diminishing amounts of solar flares. Originally it was predicted that this solar cycle would have less activity, but the resulting effects on the planet would have been devastating. Because if that were to happen, it would signal the beginning of rapid changes. As it stands now this may be a healthy season of the sun, which opens new possibilities. And we’ll tell you, even though it’s early in the solar cycle, you’ve already had one X-Class solar flare. There are only four different classifications with X being the extreme classification. And although the record setting X class solar flare is an X28, you had an X2 just the other day and it was the second X-Class in this cycle. Why are we smiling with that? Because that opens up all the heart energy on planet Earth with the magnetism that comes in, it opens up opportunities to change and shift the magnetics of the heart.

Does that mean that everything is going to change from these solar flares? No, it doesn’t, that’s up to you, but this creates an opportunity. Although this is going to last a while, more than two years to be at their peak, you’re going to see some incredible opportunities for unity and healing. One can look out and see that differences exist, but if you can pull back far enough there are no sides. You’re all the same, you’re all connected to each other, and that’s incredibly important. If you start living in that direction dear ones, you will start seeing new opportunities to step into a new world. Yes, right where you are now without having to go Home or reset the physical body. These are grand times and your space has been reserved.

Indeed, dear ones, we tell you the magic has just beginning. So, celebrate those solar flares as they come in, they’re just really getting started. Celebrate, because it means it’s bringing in a huge wave of magnetism that can open the hearts of humanity. It’s not certain if that’ll make a difference, but it’s the next opportunity.

Separation Anxiety

hands shaking
We each have a soul contract we make before birth. We are never separated from anyone… …

You are the pace setters on planet Earth, the greatest angels who have ever lived. You have dared to take off your wings and have an experience in a finite form. That can be very scary to a human being, to a spirit. But here you are taking new steps and making new connections; each one of those is a magical time. Celebrate it every time you hear about the solar flares. No matter what it is, even if it’s scary news, celebrate it. Know that there’s a magnetic wave coming in, which can actually release the anger which causes the separation to stay in place. You can start seeing others as fellow humans, instead of those on the opposite side of something. Many of you have specific contracts to eradicate those differences, to release those connections and to start seeing planet Earth as a whole. Dear ones, your journeys have led you in many places throughout the universe. The magic has begun and you are a part of it.

Your space has been reserved. You’ve made many contracts to be here and connections to open doors. Now they’re opening. All you need is that courage to step through, even not knowing where you’re going or what’s on the other side. Your heart believed, but it’s your brain that’ll have difficulties. So, feel the magnetism and those connections. Understand that you’re on this Earth with a purpose, with a very specific reason, and much of that is now unfolding. You also have some rather large cosmic events coming later in the year that we will talk about soon.

Body Suit

You are magical beings, dear ones. At some point you will get to see just who you really are, you’ll be able to see your own magic. You won’t believe it at first, but that’s natural. You’re inside a body suit that has limitations, but your spirit has none and that’s starting to increase. The magic has begun, dear ones. You are here, your name was on that chair before you ever came to planet Earth. You’re in a critical mass stage. You’ve been living in the times of mastery where all these things come up just before the shift, which is part of the challenge that you have right now. There are many things that you are deciding. But it’s not just for the immediate future, it’s for the beginning of next level of life.

This is what we term as stepping onto the Esayoto. It’s for living there on a daily basis with much more of your spirit present than your physical body, which is magical. In the meantime we will come together, working to heal your physical body and bringing it into alignment with your spirit, to give you the greatest of opportunities. And we ask you to take this to the people who you know. Bring it to them, offering your own healing and connections in different ways. It’s a beautiful game of tag. . . you’re it! Pass it on, dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that we bring you these little reminders from Home. Even though you have been walking on Earth for quite some time. Yes, it’s hard to re-member but that’s why we’re here, dear ones. Not to tell you which way to go or what to do, but to help you re-member.

And we love you dearly, every step of your way. You can’t do wrong on planet Earth. We know that’s difficult, but understand that everything leads you to the next level, even those challenging things that you would consider wrong are opening up new opportunities. Seize the moment, grasp it. Bring it into your being and anchor that light in your daily visions. We will be right there with you along the way. Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together.


playing well together ...
playing well together …


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