Coronavirus and Transformation

Beta version of Sars-CovThe Coronavirus has been with humanity for some time, now. And like any virus (Bird Flu, Influenza, Swine flu, the common cold) it has morphed into new versions – Delta and Omicron. For some, stay-at-home recovery. For others, hospitalisation and healing. Others pass over, as part of their soul journey and evolution. Many, many guides have given messages that those who have passed over are well and happy, and very well cared for. What is the meaning of all this, why are so many – vaccinated and unvaccinated – catching this? A lightworker shares a lucid dream on the meaning of the Corona virus.

The Coronavirus has been with us for two years now and we will never be the same. The implemented changes in our lives have caused all of us to personally review our lives which is always a good thing. Too often humans continue with the same old same old until something jars them out of their unconscious complacency. This virus has not only impacted us personally, but humanity as a whole is reviewing the role government, religion, education, society, technology, healthcare, and all related systems have in our lives. A global update is in order.

But I am not writing to discuss these changes for there are more than enough opinions floating around about that. There are as many opinions and options as there are humans on the planet.

I am writing to share a lucid dream I experienced as I was falling asleep last night:

“With an expanded view encompassing all of humanity around the planet, I observed that the majority of humans have contracted Coronavirus, whether they have tested positive or not, whether they have experienced symptoms or not, or whether they are aware of it or not.

The important thing I noted is that the virus has created an antibody that activates the LightBody, which is the Divinity within each of us. After thousands of years of reliving the same antiquated and limited human template, this LightBody is the template for a totally new multidimensionally aware human species. Thus, the virus has been called Corona, meaning “crown”. After eons of time, humanity is being upgraded, transformed, and crowned as a new species. I was shown that the virus will continue to infect the remainder of the population until its role is complete, not only for each human on the planet and those who have departed via its illness, but also as the transformation of the outdated systems that continue to plague humanity. It will then quickly recede, lingering in some areas as a localized endemic until its final role is complete.

I also observed the world leaders as they realized most of the measures that have been implemented are not working because the virus has a resolve of its own. I heard them speaking amongst themselves about how to gracefully back out of the current restrictions without creating more chaos.

As I gazed around the planet, I saw a glimmer of the Christ Light within each human coming to life one by one as the LightBody is being activated within each of us.“

This vision has given me hope beyond the fear that the media has been pumping into our newsfeeds. Fear, that is permitting every cell in our bodies, creating anxiety that impedes our immune systems. Fear that makes us more susceptible to illness. Fear that holds us back from shining our true Light.

What if. . . the Coronavirus is offering a gift for all of us. The gift of stimulating the Awakening and Transformation of humanity, each person in their own unique way, each person on their own Soul Path.

Are you open to receive?

Please note:
If you have any questions about what has been shared, you are invited you to feel into the consciousness of the dream itself for your own personal answers. For we are each experiencing our own Soul Path in our own unique way and the answers lie within each of us.


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