The Earth’s Rhythms

The Earth's Rhythms

Our Earth – Our Mother – spins and follows its orbit, and has its own harmonic resonance, which – for simplicity – we call the Earth’s Rhythm. Our rhythm harmonises with that freqency, that energy and vibration. Now, the Earth is raising it’s rhythm, and we need to raise our own energy – frequency – vibration in order to be in harmony with the Earth.

Perfect Spirit
Your spirit is perfect, it is the humanness that experiences polarity. What that means is when you wake up each day, you set your rhythm with your morning routine. What you will find is that moving into higher vibration, that rhythm will need adjusting to experience the highest in each moment. Dedicate a time in your morning routine to intentionally setting your rhythm for the day.

The Earth’s Rhythms

Every human is carrying a physical body that was made of the elements of Earth. It’s very simple. Your spirit inhabited that body, gave life to it and brought the connections of Home onto the planet. And those are very powerful, indeed. And yet, as the Earth changes her rhythms there’s a pause. There’s that moment where you reach for your stability and it’s not always there.

Whatever part of your physical body is making contact with the ground, bring that energy up through the surface of the Earth. Let the Earth introduce her new rhythms to you, so that you can feel where she is at this moment. And that’s really all that is necessary, because you are part of the Earth as well. It will automatically adjust and find that rhythmic harmony. Take a deep breath and again, release it very slowly. Anchor in that deep feeling of love and strong connection with the planet that you fell. Take a deep breath and blow it out forcefully as you anchor the light.

The rhythmic harmony of Earth is very simple, for she harmonises with everything that’s part of her. Your certain rhythm allows you to attract other rhythms of the same nature. There are many rhythms out there. There are entire worlds that live in spaces that are not perceptible to you, as they don’t vibrate within a range you perceive.

If you’re not familiar with these, they are actually what your sciences are calling dimensions. But there’s much more to that, for we would call them frequency ranges. The most important part is no matter what dimension, whatever state you’re in, if you’re vibrating at a certain rate then you’re harmonizing with all of the beings that are there. So, what takes place when you have to change your rhythms? Well, that’s the next evolutionary state, not only for humans, but for planet Earth.

You must understand, you are infinite spirits. You have borrowed these funny little bubbles of biology that you call bodies, but you are truly spirits. Quite simply your next level is going to be more of the spirit and less of the physical body. That happens as one learns to carry more light and let the spirit shine through most of the time. To be able to do that, everyone has to reset their rhythms.

The collective vibration of humanity is not quite there yet. Each individual will need to consciously reset their own rhythms. That’s part of the reason I’m here right now with rhythmic service. The Earth is resetting her rhythms. It will take some time for the reset to work its way from the core of the planet, and it’s just beginning.


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