YOU and the Environment: Your vibrations…

Wetfern forest“All is One” is the ancient teaching of the Perennial philosophy. So in an elemental way, we are one with the rainforest, the oceans, the mountain peaks. In an elemental way? All these elements of nature are found in your body. Our biologicial ancestors swam, crawled and walked out of the waters. Now, the Earth can heal, if we heal ourselves …
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Citizens are central to achieving the Paris Agreement

Climate Outreach

As we mark the 5th anniversary of the landmark Paris Agreement, and on the road to the COP26 UN climate summit in Glasgow less than a year from now, we need to demand governments dramatically increase their ambitions for meaningfully engaging their citizens with climate change.

There are positive signs – but if we are realistic about the challenges of reducing emissions, we need to be realistic about what will be required from people.

The Paris Agreement was a landmark text, the culmination of a gruelling two year process described by the lead UN negotiators as the “most complex, comprehensive and critical international climate negotiation ever attempted”. It reiterated the right of people to be informed and involved in climate policy, but it failed to recognise that building a public mandate would be essential for the success of the whole agreement.

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WMO Reports on 2019’s High-Impact Climate Events


The report highlights the physical indicators of climate change, such as increasing land and ocean heat, ocean acidification and deoxygenation, accelerating sea level rise and melting ice.

A recent decadal forecast from the UK’s Met Office indicates a new annual global temperature record is likely in the next five years.

This past year, 2019, was the second warmest year on record and ended with a global average temperature increase of 1.1°C above pre-industrial levels.

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