The New Year: Make Every Moment Divine

open doorIf you wish to embark on a new life, you need not wait for the arrival of a new year. To wait for a whole year means waiting for twelve months and so many days, hours, minutes and seconds. Treat every second as new. Sanctify every moment of your life. This has to be done by realising the unity of the Divine and the individual Consciousness. When this union is achieved, Spiritual Bliss is experienced. This is the primary task before everyone.

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Coronavirus and Changes in Consciousness

greenfieldsMany years ago a humble leader shared that ‘Life is change, and to be perfect is to have changed often’. In this age, we are confronted worldwide with the Coronavirus epidemic. What has this to do with spiritual advance? How can we raise our consciousness in this time of pandemic?

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Consciousness is Directly Linked to Light

Scientists have an exciting suspicion that our brain’s neurons might be able to communicate through light. They suspect that our brain might have optical communication channels, but they have no idea what could be communicated. Our brains might have optical communication channels.

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Is the mind part of the Soul?

The early Greek philosophers struggled to define the soul in a way that made sense and helped people to understand themselves and perhaps – why they did what they did. In this day and age, some authorities are defining faculties of animals that are similar to the human, and this is having unforeseen consequences. We see the beginning of developing the capacity of the soul.

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The Journey of the Soul

The soul is said to exist because it is in the language and repertoire of the everyday person. In so many different languages, there is this word for Soul; in Old English, we have sawel/sawol as found in the Vespasian Psalter and Beowulf. And then, for our Sun, we call it Sol, it has solar energy, and we can reap renewable solar energy from the Sun, our Sol, which suggests properties of our Soul.

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