Advice received about ‘Emergency Meditations’

Flower of LifeA call has been sent out to followers of a discipline connected to Flower of Life to take up ’emergency meditations’ due conjunctions and aspects between certain planets. The planets are perceived as troublesome in nature, and thus, need to be ‘appeased’ and the Earth must be ‘protected’ by ’emergency meditation’ using the Flower of Life. We look to the practice of Vedic Astrology to evaluate these alarums and excursions!

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Self Awareness: How do you Love?

Heart of Life

An important part of Ascension is knowing and understanding that the Universe is teeming with life, and that there are sentient life forms on other planets, other stars. This includes our own solar system. Earth is not the only planet supporting human life in this galaxy.

There are sentient beings on our Sun, on Venus and Mars, and many of these have travelled to Earth in times past, and times present. These beings – human life in another form – live in other dimensions, and do not exist in the same 3 dimensional reality with the same atmospeheric conditions and the same temperatures as we Earth bound humans experience.

Here, the peoples from Venus who seek to aid humans in their transition to the higher dimensions (called Ascension) speak to us about Love, our field of Love, and do we understand what we can do with our Love energy?

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Hinduism and the Evolution of Human civilization

Mahesh - Lord Shiva

Hinduism recognises that humans evolved from creatures in the sea, to creatures on land, to the hairy upstanding ape, to homo sapiens with sapienta, consciousness and self-awareness. Human life on this planet is the apex form of life that may escape the round of birth-death-and-birth-again. In this article we visit the progression of human life via the births of various Hindu gods.

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Ascension: Performance Character and Diligence

shrubberyThere are many aspects of human character that lead to human flourishing. Personal discipline is often viewed as diligence, evidencing speech and behaviour that is strong, constant and reliable guide to action and outcomes. What we observe of another person is the indicator of character. Confidence in another person is an indicator of their diligence.

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Ascension: Performance Character and Spirituality

canyon and cloudIn an earlier post we wrote of surfing the waves on the ocean called life. When we think the waves called Ascension in the ocean of life, how do we take up learning about Ascension; is this also learning about ourselves? Careful investigation suggests there are many dimensions to the phenomena we call Ascension, the most important of which may be – for many – spirituality.

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from the rainbow to the rainbow light

rainbow light withinAs part of the journey to ascension, we are asked to move from visualising white light within to visualising rainbow light within. It is as if the human form has become a moving prism scattering rainbow light everywhere. In higher dimensions, there are more colours of greater and faster vibration and intensity: more colour, more colourful. How do we experience this?

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Decision making and your Spirit

Decision making and your spiritIn these days of the coronavirus – and threats to public health – as well as your own personal health, we need to be clear-headed about the decisions we make – particularly in the times that create stress and challenge for ourselves and for many, many other people. What is the best way for me to make important decisions at this time? How can I know I am making the right decision? What feelings will I have if I go ahead and do as I wish? What do we do with all this media information about who is right, who is wrong, is there a vaccine, should I take this or that solution? We need to use discernment, along with our common sense, and our spiritual sense. All these – together – can guide us on the path of life.

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Creating One’s own Spiritual Atmosphere

Candle flameSpirituality might be described as a lifestyle, a way of engaging with the world, and a way of disengagement with the world. Spirituality is also a deliberate cultivation of an atmosphere in order that we manage the mind and keep it focussed on our spiritual goals. The worst thing one can do is to discuss spirituality with someone who has no spirituality. In the words of one paramaguru, it will lessen your own spirit.

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Who Prays on Google?

Google ChurchPrayer search intensity on Google rose around March 11, the date when the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the COVID-19 a pandemic. In Northern Europe, few people searched for prayer before COVID-19. There were smaller increases in Northern Africa are due to the high initial levels of prayer searches. The largest absolute increases occur in South America and Africa, some of the most religious regions of the world.

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