Global Goals and Ascension – Part 1

Our future is a future of integrity. Hence, the Sustainable Development Goals are part and parcel of any future we create and any habitation that we live, be it in higher dimensions, be it with re-activated DNA, be it with a light body. Ascension is for all, and so we must act as One, and include all in the future of life on this planet. Love for the Creator is the binding thread.

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Looking at Ascension

Ascension has many meanings and the future beckons all to the higher dimensions. Human flourishing means we are all bound to ensure that all receive the invitation to participate in Ascension. This invitation offers the same opportunity and the same quality of life that all enjoy full participation in the flourishing of the Earth that Ascension brings. In this article, we look to the foundations of Ascension and human flourishing, Earth flourishing.

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The Journey of the Soul

The soul is said to exist because it is in the language and repertoire of the everyday person. In so many different languages, there is this word for Soul; in Old English, we have sawel/sawol as found in the Vespasian Psalter and Beowulf. And then, for our Sun, we call it Sol, it has solar energy, and we can reap renewable solar energy from the Sun, our Sol, which suggests properties of our Soul.

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