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Many changes are coming in this time we call ascension. Our self-understanding, our understanding of our origins, and the journey to life and light is before us, upon us, behind us. There is much to reflect on as we consider the impact of Ascension on all who walk on Earth.

Source has told that there will be many instruments – channels – through which He/She will speak to guide humanity through the coming changes.

These changes are thought to be changes to DNA – where humans have only 2 strands DNA active, there will be upto 12 strands functioning.

Included in these changes will be more and more visibility of odd objects in our atmosphere. Some call these alien space vessels, others call them UFO. We prefer to call them spaceships, or motherships. And the beings – the life-forms therein – we shall be calling them star people, for that is what they truly are, people, life-forms from the stars. They are human life – not necessarily in human form as found on Earth, but nonetheless having those qualities of humans: self-awareness, consciousness, communication. Like this, but for many – these skills are far in advance of the human of Earth.

Another important change is that we will discover the truth about human history and life on Earth. The collective consciousness is straddled across an evolution of billions of years and a narrative of Creation of man and woman in a garden of peace only 4,000 years ago. There will be much outrage and disbelief at the truth when it is revealed.

We will also be learning about the human race – the so-called “missing link” the gap between the hairy-upstanding ape and the human. We shall discover if we are fully of this planet, or if the human race was seeded from elsewhere.

Those channels who are receiving information from Ascended Masters, Archangels and Spirit Guides tell of a cataclysm 12,000 years ago and the Earth falling from a pristine state in higher dimensions to the 3rd dimension. They tell of the Earth being closed off for thousands of years, a light grid around the Earth itself preventing contact with, and transport to and from the stars.

We will be touching on these matters from time to time as we explore the reality of this “Event” called Ascension. Whatever the changes, whatever the gesalt, the topsy-turvy tumbling of this world and its changes, we are One, yet we are Many. And it is to the Law of Oneness – that spiritual essence that resides in each and every one of us, we humbly offer these reflections.

Om Sai!





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