Children own around 3 digital devices on average …

Children own around 3 digital devices on average ... It is always good to keep in mind what it means to be human and the purpose of human life. Children are not born with digital devices attached to their bodies, nor their brains. The influence of digital media on children lessens reliance on the Soul within. As you read this article, keep in mind that intelligence, memory and nous all come from the intellect, which derives over 80% of its energy from the Soul. What is more important? The soul and the purpose of human life, or the brain drain of excessive digital engagement?

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The Akashic Records, the Earth Soul, the 5th Dimension

The Sphinx - partially excavatedWe begin with questions about events and records of all that has occurred on Earth. We acknowledge that many have experiences, and experience has validity. We look to the Akashic Records – sometimes called the Library of Porthologos, and render guidance given by one Ascended Master about the Akashic Records and the Soul of the Earth, the primary signature of Fire on Earth. We look to how this may be accessed, in which dimension.

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Performance Character and Social Competence

Performance Character and Social CompetenceCentral to social competence is the ability to take another person’s perspective and to examine a situation from the view and feelings of the other. This also includes the skill of learning from experience, and applying learning to changes in social situations, sometimes called ‘transfer gain’. Social competence also radiates out from us by way of energy: our thoughts, our feelings, our actions affect all in our environment, and all on our planet. Indeed, even those on the astral are affected by our social competence. Verily, social competence is a foundation of true humanness.

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21 December 2020: The Great Conjunction

Meditation and the Flower of LifeMany persons – Light-workers, Spiritual guides, Astronomers and Astrologers have given out prognostications about the forthcoming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the day of solstice, 2020. We have provided some observations about the so-called advance warnings, and some observations based on vedic astrology. We now include the general topic of Ascension into matters surrounding this event.

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A Unified Collective of Higher Selves

CollectiveThe 9D Arcturian Council channels messages through Daniel Scranton as the instrument. We are born to a family, we grow up with neighbours, we school with other children and youth. We engage with others, choose a partner – or many partners – and have many life experiences. We are here as a soul group to learn from one another. Each and every other outside of us is a reflection of ourselves and what is within us. As we progress spiritually, it behooves us to look within every time we have a reaction to another. That is spirituality in practice.

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Ascension to 5D by December 21st 2020

Arcturian CouncilDecember 21st 2020 is the time of the solstice; it is also the time of the “Grand Conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn, in astrology. Many are saying this is the time of breakthrough, this is the time of Ascension, this is the day of the birthing of a New Age. Some say they will ascend, and leave behind those who are not ready. The so-called ‘elect’ would regard other human beings as a ‘lesser class – undeserving – human‘. The Arcturian Council sends a message worthy of reflection.

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Are You “Spiritual But Not Religious?”

 Are You “Spiritual But Not Religious?”PEW research and National Census statistic tell us that more and more people no longer have a religion. There are many people who share that they are spiritual – but not religious. What does this scope to include? We look at the answers provided by one Medical practitioner who is very much into exploring the soul, and similar.

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Saturn Jupiter Great Conjunction

Saturn Jupiter
Many are making claims about the time of the Solstice on December 21; it is the time of the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the two largest outer planets in our solar system. After December 2020, the world will enter into 20-year Aquarian era, with the Saturn Jupiter Great Conjunction at first degree of Aquarius.

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Are Feelings more important than Truth?

The SoulA recent channelling on a well-known channelling board has claimed that feelings are more important than the truth. The claim was made about feelings in human beings, and the claim alleged to come from a civilisation on another star. While we have no quarrel with the existence of other civilisations and the fact that we might be related to some of them, we do have a quarrel with this claim.

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