Your Many Paths to Ascension

Paths to AscensionIt is said that there are many paths up the mountain to the Godhead. This is true, for minds and cultures are different in all climes and continents. The same applies to Ascension, and the pathways to Ascension. Here, we share one message from the Arcturian Council, which re-iterates a basic truth. This truth renders validity to your individual path. It also renders validity to selfless service, and the paths others take to Ascension.

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The Earth’s Rhythms

The Earth's Rhythms

Our Earth – Our Mother – spins and follows its orbit, and has its own harmonic resonance, which – for simplicity – we call the Earth’s Rhythm. Our rhythm harmonises with that freqency, that energy and vibration. Now, the Earth is raising it’s rhythm, and we need to raise our own energy – frequency – vibration in order to be in harmony with the Earth.

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Karma, Incumbrances and Ascension

Karma, Incumbrances and AscensionCosmic Sai Baba has always said that everyone is a God being. So if you think of that – it might be a little hard sometimes because of incumbrances that are still in the body that exist from other teachings or beliefs from other times – or even in this lifetime. They could let all that go. Everyone on this Earth at this time can move forward. And they have all agreed to come, to help one another.
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Imagination – the nation of images

Imagination - the nation of images
Imagination – the nation of images
Imagination is the nation of images. Imagination can create books, plays, films. Imagination can be fun, imagination can be something we use to create our career, imagination can be a form of prayer. The World of Light is imaged; it is the nation of images.
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Coronavirus and Transformation

Beta version of Sars-CovThe Coronavirus has been with humanity for some time, now. And like any virus (Bird Flu, Influenza, Swine flu, the common cold) it has morphed into new versions – Delta and Omicron. For some, stay-at-home recovery. For others, hospitalisation and healing. Others pass over, as part of their soul journey and evolution. Many, many guides have given messages that those who have passed over are well and happy, and very well cared for. What is the meaning of all this, why are so many – vaccinated and unvaccinated – catching this? A lightworker shares a lucid dream on the meaning of the Corona virus.
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Letting things flow

Letting things flowThe news bulletins are full of Covid-19 and little else – except, perhaps, the sport results. When many are unable to get tested, feel insecure, and feel the energy of inevitable succumbing to this virus all around them – the Hierarchy comes with a message. Ask for help. Access your higher consciousness and raise your energy-frequency-vibration. Let things flow. Descent into negativity does not help you nor anyone else. Help everyone by accessing your higher consciousness. Let things flow: be in your personal flow of higher energy-frequency-vibration, and so be an aide to all that is.
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Playing well together

hands shakingThere is much to distract us on Earth at this time. Omicron seems to have got out of control, and for some, Christmas is cancelled, again. The Sun traverses from solar minimum to solar maximum. More and more energy – and subtle inner light – is being released to all that live on Earth. Time is speeding up, vibrations are rising and individuals now feel these effects. Nonetheless, the 5th Dimension is here. We need to remind ourselves from time to time that all who come here – have a soul contract to fulfil. We are urged to play tag and pass the higher vibration and light energy on to all in our ambit. We can play well, together.
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There is a bigger picture

There is a bigger picture Judy Carroll and Paula Jane deliver Vlog called Just Love. They have regular contact with the people from the Stars: those we call starpeople. Here, they share a bright, cheerful message that takes us towards Christmas and reminds us that we can let our lights shine brightly.

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The Heart Space, the Truth, the Void and Groundhog Day…

Groundhog dayBy now, most of you are aware that you do not use your human brain at full capacity; the common estimate is most people use roughly 10% of their brain power. You may also be aware that the average human uses less than 10% of their DNA capabilities. Scientists often refer to the remaining 96% of inactive DNA as ‘junk DNA’. So it may not be surprising to learn that you do not actually perceive the totality of reality.
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