Wisdom from the Staretz

St Seraphim of SarovIt is good that the Source of the All gives itself to many traditions, many cultures. We may ever respect and learn from other spiritual paths. Here, we look to the Wisdom of the East. The Russian word staretz (starets) (plural startsi or starsi) is the equivalent of the Greek geron meaning ‘elder’, the name given to a monk who assumed the role of a spiritual adviser. They reached the summit of their popularity in the 19th century, attracting hordes of followers; their memory is preserved in the works of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.

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Spiritual Intelligence

This page is an overview of and introduction to Spiritual Intelligence. The spiritual focus given is not any one particular religion, faith or belief system; rather, on practical elements which are common to spiritual activity by humans. All intelligence is problem solving skill. Intelligence(s) in all its forms, are used to solve problems we encounter.

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Saint Germain: Momentum of Truth Coming Forward

Saint Germain: Momentum of Truth Coming ForwardAscension brings expansion of consciousness in its train. Expansion of consciousness is the raise of energy – frequency – vibration. It is told that this is an important time to hold the light, hold the vibration, hold the higher essence within us as it radiates out from us to reach others and raise them into the ambit of Ascension also. Here, one channel brings a message from St Germain about the importance of light and love. We are One: One light. One Love.

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Communication: Speak and Listen, Hear and Understand

CommunicationIt is known that there are four forms of communication. For example, some do vocal prayer, others do mental or silent prayer. Still others sit in silence with a stilled mind: perhaps in samadhi, simply being-awareness-bliss. The four types of speech are given in Ganapathi Upanishad. What of communications with those in the stars, the star people?

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Self Respect and Practice

Respect - headstoneSelf-respect is your response (honouring) (giving due dignity) to yourself. Valuing respect is kin to esteem, admiration, veneration, reverence, and honour, while regarding something as utterly worthless or insignificant or disdaining or having contempt for it is incompatible with respecting it. When we respect something, we heed its call, accord it its due, acknowledge its claim to our attention.
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Your Many Paths to Ascension

Paths to AscensionIt is said that there are many paths up the mountain to the Godhead. This is true, for minds and cultures are different in all climes and continents. The same applies to Ascension, and the pathways to Ascension. Here, we share one message from the Arcturian Council, which re-iterates a basic truth. This truth renders validity to your individual path. It also renders validity to selfless service, and the paths others take to Ascension.

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Performance Character: Being a Respectful and Responsible Moral Agent

moralityWe had earlier written of foundations and elements of being an Ethical Thinker. There is moral competence, comprising of self-identity, discernment, effective moral behaviour and personal conscience. We move on to moral agency, the power to act in a respectful and responsible manner.
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Message from White Eagle, Hopi indigenous

Message from White Eagle, Hopi indigenousHumanity is facing challenges anew and will be presented with further destabilising challenges. It is important to have well-founded spiritual activity that you take up every day without fail. Having strong muscles is dependent on the exercises we take up. Ditto spiritual muscles: they are dependent on our daily spiritual activity. There is also a challenge to ignore soical media and the news media, fake news in particular. White Eagle gives a message to all humanity:

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The Earth’s Rhythms

The Earth's Rhythms

Our Earth – Our Mother – spins and follows its orbit, and has its own harmonic resonance, which – for simplicity – we call the Earth’s Rhythm. Our rhythm harmonises with that freqency, that energy and vibration. Now, the Earth is raising it’s rhythm, and we need to raise our own energy – frequency – vibration in order to be in harmony with the Earth.

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