On Positivity

Wellbing and its domainsPositivity – Wellbeing – has several elements, including the physical domain, the emotional domain, the social domain, the financial domain, the ethical domain, our response to the environment and the spiritual domain.

Positivity is how we think, feel and do. Choosing positivity brings rapid changes to your life.

The Physical Domain
The physical domain comprises:

  • What we eat – we are what we eat. The finest part of food goes to the blood and is delivered to the brain; we want healthy, life-enhancing foods
  • Think of the motor vehicle; from time to time we visit the service station and put the nozzle in and fill the tank with fuel which is converted to energy. The same when we eat, we fill the tank (stomach) with fuel (food and drink) – which is converted to energy.
  • How we eat; eating too fast raises rajasic (hot, temperate) energy in the body and the mind
  • Activity is important. If we do not exercise the body, the muscles atrophy; become weak and we can end up short of energy, short of breath; a reasonable amount of exercise daily is healthful.
  • If you are disabled, then think of dis-ABILITY. All humans have ability, which is directed by the brain. Disabled people also participate in the physical domain.
  • So we summarise (precis) on the physical domain: it is what you can do, what you put your mind to for action, and how you fill your tank with energy!

The Emotional Domain
The emotional domain comprises:

  • Emotion is energy set in motion; therefore it is energy sent out from yourself;
  • Emotion is natural, it is how we express our feelings
  • Emotion can also be a response, a reaction…
  • What purposes do you put your (energy set in motion) to?
  • Having emotion and expressing (crying, laughing, cheering, rejoicing, sorrow, sadness) is all part of human life; healthy!
  • Using emotions to hurt others – by way of reactions, such as anger, envy, jealousy, pride, infatuation and desires – do not advance your lot in life and can hold you back from human flourishing.
  • We can ask people we trust to support us emotionally when we are experiencing difficulty (such as shame, doubt, loss of self-confidence)
  • When you have emotions to express, take care to message or communicate carefully; once a word or action has left the body, it is difficult to recall.
  • So we can have emotions, they are healthy and natural, and we can have balance in the way we take up emotion and express ourselves.

The Social Domain
The Social Domain comprises:

  • The relations within our family, with our peers and friends, and our self managements skill in society and the workplace
  • We base our behaviour on trust, loyalty, competitiveness, the closeness we have with others and our self-evaluation: the kind of person we would like to be;
  • We seek high quality relationships, which are mutually satisfying
  • We have a repertoire of skills that allow us to perform successfully in social situations
  • We have the ability to take another person’s perspective in conflict and when challenged
  • We learn from past experiences and apply the learning to changes in social situations
  • We meet our challenges within our skill level and turn obstacles into opportunity
  • Like the disABILITY, we can take steps in our efforts and reach a new plateau, a new skill each day, until we reach our goals.

The Financial Domain
The Financial Domain comprises:

  • Money is a form of energy. Remember emotion is energy set in motion? Well, so is money!
  • What is your attitude to money? What do you think, feel, say and do when you use money?
  • The Financial domain is energy we exchange for goods and services needful to our place in life.
  • Blood must circulate, else it will cause boils.
  • Money must circulate, else will cause fear and worries
  • It is good to have money, and it is good to have money set aside for the cycles of life;
  • There are times of plenty, there are times of recession, there are times of recovery, there are times of saving; use money wisely, but have some set aside for hardship and for community service.
  • Money is energy; everything is energy in this world. Take care of your money and take care of yourself.

The Ethical Domain
The Ethical Domain comprises:

  • The ability to take time and reflect before undertaking an action, responding or reacting to someone or something;
  • We have a faculty within which can discriminate right from wrong and it needs to be exercised;
  • This is usually informed by our parents, our teachers, our friends and peers, our faith and our learning;
  • We build our moral discernment, including good judgement, moral reasoning and ethical wisdom through respect for our elders, self discipline, self control and self respect.
  • We build a well-formed conscience including a sense of obligation to do the right thing;
  • We have a strong moral identity defined by our moral commitments – to what we know to be right and wrong
  • Human flourishing and Wellbeing are built on these moral components.

The Environment Domain
The Environment Domain comprises:
Environment saga

  • Knowing and understanding that we only have one Planet. There is no Planet B.
  • We recognise – from greenhouse gases, the hole in the Ozone layer, the rising sea levels, the changes in annual temperature: climate change – that much of this is human induced and recognise a responsibility to play our own part;
  • In order to protect human flourishing – and our own personal flourishing – we take steps to reduce our carbon footprint through our personal choices and habits;
  • We honour all forms of the environment – mineral, plant, animal and human and seek the preservation and enhancement of all life;
  • We exercise our discrimination in our purchasing, our use of non-renewable fuels, our personal commitment to protection of local flora and fauna for the benefit of all.
  • We honour the Earth our Mother in thought, word and action; we do not think of bringing harm to our planet – not even in our dreams
  • We hold positive thoughts in mind, hearts and our spirits for the well-being of all life on our planet.
  • It is self evident that we cannot have well-being, prosperity and plenty if we do not want this for others;

The Spiritual Domain
The Spiritual Domain comprises:

  • The spiritual domain exists within all; many experience this differently – so there is no one definition;
  • Everyone has a soul, everyone has a heart, everyone has feeling and emotion. Everyone lives in relation to another – for some this is family, for others it is their friends and acquaintances, their social circle, their community;
  • Living in positive relations with others is a form of spirituality as this builds up right relations in the society, and in the nation;
  • Some people may be taught of a Divine source, or not. Some may believe in themselves, or they may believe in a Divine source that is the source of the self; both are the same; faith in yourself is equal to faith in God.
  • The spirit within prompts us to question the meaning of life
  • The spirit within seeks a goal of life – a purpose, and pursues that goal, that purpose;
  • The spirit within reminds us to see others as “another self” “another me” and hence, prompts us to follow the Golden Rule: Do to others what you would have them do to you;
  • The spirit within is Love; Divine love always seeks the good of the other, and walks a path to Love itself, in thoughts, words and actions.


  • Positivity is how we think, feel and do
  • We have the ABILITY to let go of limiting beliefs about our own self
  • We can always choose love over fear.
  • Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real
  • We have the ability to dramatically change our lives – we can do this for ourselves;
  • Thought creates reality. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and energy
  • Build your sense of significance; say “I make a difference”;
  • If you cannot oblige people with what they way, at least speak obligingly to them
  • Learn to COEXIST: – all faiths matter to those who believe; be happy that everyone is going up the mountain towards destination: the goal of life;
  • What you see reflects who you are; change yourself and the world will change with you.


Wellbing and its domains
The domains of positivity and wellbeing


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