Communication: Speak and Listen, Hear and Understand

CommunicationIt is known that there are four forms of communication. For example, some do vocal prayer, others do mental or silent prayer. Still others sit in silence with a stilled mind: perhaps in samadhi, simply being-awareness-bliss. The four types of speech are given in Ganapathi Upanishad. What of communications with those in the stars, the star people?

From Ganapathi Upanishad, there are four forms of speech.

Each degree of speech embodies a different kind of perception; each transmits a different reality. Vaikhari, which is ordinary verbal speech, the kind we all hear and use daily, is an expression of kriya shakti, the power of action. You speak in vaikhari when you focus on deeds past, present activities, exploits to come.

Madhyama is mental speech, verbalized but unspoken, the internal monologue and dialogue; it expresses jñana shakti, the power of knowledge and wisdom (or lack thereof). Madhyama measures, evaluates, questions, harnessing your rational and emotional minds to formulate the intentions that precipitate into words.

Pashyanti, single-minded speech, is perceptible but not particularized. It is the vehicle for iccha shakti, the power of desire. When you speak at the pashyanti level, you are sure of your message; your intentions (selfish or altruistic) are always clear.

Paraa: This is wordless communication. This is the communion wih the absolute consciousness beyond the frame of time and space matrix. It is a state of being; it is the speech of absolute silence. Prajnanam Brahma – Consciousness is Brahman.

The Star People

There are many who communicate with the star people. There are those who hear the star people – they are clairaudient. There are those who see the star people – they are clairvoyant. There are those who channel the star people: they are mediums (or channels). We make the distinction that the Star People will present us with the Adonis race: a race that is human in appearance and human in feeling and communication. Communication with the Adonis race will be as given above, and will not be vaikari, the gross form using the voice box. The presentation of the Adonis race will occur in the 5th Dimension.

Via Daniel Scranton:

We are quite capable of receiving all of your requests, even if they are all being made at the same time. That is one of the advantages to being a collective consciousness, and it is also one of the advantages of being non-physical. You have two ears to listen with, but we have no ears, and yet, we can sense all. We take your requests as energy that we then are able to format in a way that it makes sense to us. That is what Daniel here is doing with our energetic transmission, and it is what we do with your energetic transmissions. This is how communication is happening on so many other levels than just words spoken or written, and you are receiving energies from above all the time, but many of you want to hear a little voice in your head so that you know exactly what you are receiving in that moment.

Others realise that there’s a subtlety to the communication that is happening from the higher-dimensional planes, because that communication starts out as energy, and those who are really tuned in can feel for those energies. That is what we suggest you do when you want to communicate with us, with other non-physical, higher-dimensional beings and collectives, and with each other. Realise that what you are projecting energetically matters. It will be interpreted by whoever is receiving it. Make sure you clear whatever you need to clear out of your bodies, out of your systems until you feel that it’s no longer there, and then you can communicate with another more clearly. You can align your words and your intentions with your energy. You are projecting energy all the time, and it is the way in which you create your reality.

You want to pay attention to what energies you are receiving and what energies you are offering, because the time of being able to hide behind words that you don’t really mean is coming to an end. You are all becoming telepathic. You are all recognising that you are energetic beings and that energy matters, and at the same time you are shifting your consciousness. When that shift is complete, everyone will know that they are communicating telepathically and energetically, and you will find less and less need for words. You will be energetic beings who vibrate on purpose, and you will know that you are. You will know what vibration you are offering.

Every time you process an emotion, you get closer and closer to being able to discern exactly what vibration you are offering in every moment. Make sure you are clear energetically, if you want to be clear in your communication, and clear in your offering to the universe of what it is that you truly want and need. The universe, and all of us within it, respond more to your energy, your vibration, than we do to your words, and even your thoughts. If you are going to speak a mantra, make sure that mantra aligns with the energy that you are offering. If you are going to think a thought, make sure that thought is in alignment as well. You are getting there, step by step, day by day, and you can practice all of this with us, because as we said, we are open to receiving from all of you all the time.


non-verbal communication between two swans



Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/Zeershan 93 , Wikimedia Commons/V.Boldychev

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