from the rainbow to the rainbow light

rainbow light withinAs part of the journey to ascension, we are asked to move from visualising white light within to visualising rainbow light within. It is as if the human form has become a moving prism scattering rainbow light everywhere. In higher dimensions, there are more colours of greater and faster vibration and intensity: more colour, more colourful. How do we experience this?

In 3D Reality:

Light through prism
When light passes through a prism the light bends. As a result, the different colours that make up white light become separated. This happens because each colour has a particular wavelength and each wavelength bends at a different angle.

Prisms are specially shaped so that light passing through them bends. Some colours bend more than others as they pass through the prism, so they split apart. This means that a beam of white light going into a prism comes out as a spectrum of different colours.

Looking to Rainbows:

rainbow illustrationRainbows are formed when sunlight is scattered from raindrops into the eyes of an observer. … The lower the sun in the sky the more of an arc of a rainbow the viewer will see. Rain, fog or some other source of water droplets must be in front of the viewer.

Most raindrops are spherical rather than the often depicted ‘teardrop’ shape and it is this spherical shape that provides the conditions for a rainbow to be seen.

The position of the sun and the raindrops in relation to the observer need to be just right for a rainbow to form:

  • The sun needs to be behind the viewer;
  • The sun needs to be low in the sky, at an angle of less than 42° above the horizon. The lower the sun in the sky the more of an arc of a rainbow the viewer will see;
  • Rain, fog or some other source of water droplets must be in front of the viewer.

What is a double rainbow?

A double rainbow is a wonderful sight where you get two spectacular natural displays for the price of one.

Surprisingly, this phenomenon is actually relatively common, especially at times when the sun is low in the sky such as in the early morning or late afternoon. The second rainbow is fainter and more ‘pastel’ in tone than the primary rainbow because more light escapes from two reflections compared to one.

The secondary rainbow is also dispersed over a wider area of the sky. It is nearly twice as wide as the primary bow.

A key feature of double rainbows is that the colour sequence in the second rainbow is reversed, so instead of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV), the colours appear in VIBGYOR order.

double rainbow over housing
double rainbow above residential housing

Full Circle Rainbows

Full Circle Rainbows
When sunlight and raindrops combine to make a rainbow, they can make a whole circle of light in the sky. But it’s a very rare sight. Sky conditions have to be just right for this, and even if they are, the bottom part of a full-circle rainbow is usually blocked by your horizon. That’s why we see rainbows not as circles, but as arcs across our sky. If you have a drone, then you might see something different!

When you see a rainbow, notice the height of the sun. It helps determine how much of an arc you’ll see. The lower the sun, the higher the top of the rainbow. If you could get up high enough, you’d see that some rainbows continue below the horizon seen from closer to sea-level. Mountain climbers sometimes see more of a full-circle rainbow, though even a high mountain isn’t high enough to show you the whole circle.

Full Circle Rainbow
Full circle rainbow was captured over Cottesloe Beach near Perth, Australia in 2013 by Colin Leonhardt of Birdseye View Photography. He was in a helicopter flying between a setting sun and a downpour.

The Soul

The SoulThere have been many images of the Soul. Sometimes the Soul resembles a heart, full of light. Many speak of the spiritual heart in the human, which is said to be opposite the physical heart, between the 9th and 12th vertebrae, and weighing 13 ounces. It is made of light, as our illustration shows.


Soul Light
Others say the Soul is a ball of brilliant, self-effulgent light (meaning it generates its own light, not from any outside source). This ball of golden-white light has rings around it – our soul choices for this life – the rings bring about events such as our body, our health, our gender, the events we experience and the path we map through life. While the soul is radiating light outwards, there is a dimly visible ring within the bands of light.

What is clear and known to lightworkers is that the soul is light, and that we all have a light body, in the here and now. We are now asked to move from being a vessel of light to being a vessel of rainbow light, and to connect up with the power of rainbow light and what it is able to do.

rainbow light within
So we may visualise the rainbow light within – emerging from the soul and filling our bodies with the full spectrum of rainbow light.

And to do this, we may visualise the light coming from the soul as rainbow light.

As lightworkers, our love, our light, our truth is expressed as our great I AM ! As life and consciousness expands, we may say “Expansion is my light!” So we expand the light within to filling all without and beyond ourselves – even to the furthest reaches of our galaxy, our universe:

Expanding rainbow light

From the prism, to the rainbow, to the full circle rainbow to the light within as rainbow light. We can visualise and connect up with the power of rainbow light and allow it to flow outwards from the soul to wherever it may be needed.

Rainbow light from the Soul can:~

  • impact the full scope of human feeling and emotion
  • transform negative emotion to positive emotions
  • enlighten beings from within – all life forms
  • raise up the frequency within self and others
  • raising up our frequency is raising up the self to higher dimensions
  • rainbow light accesses the higher dimensions and forms our light body
  • rainbow light is the vibration – frequency of the Creative Source of The All
  • the more we visualise the rainbow light within, the stronger it becomes
  • the stronger my rainbow light is, the more I reach out to others and raise their energy

expansion is my light

I am the LIGHT
I am the LOVE
I am the TRUTH



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