Infinite Being

Infinite BeingWe are born into a world of duality, of hot and cold, hard and soft, he and she, night and day, home and outside. What transcends all of this duality? What is the still point of this turning world that we seek? Is it out there somewhere? Is it at the end of a seminar I pay $$$ for? Is it given by this teacher or that Master? We are human beings. What is within your being?
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Curious Kids: are witches and wizards real?

witches and cauldronsFor many years, since the publishing of Harry Potter (and perhaps earlier with the Grimms Brothers tales of faerie and Tolkien’s Middle Earth) the fantastic lands with witches and wizards have become commonplace in fantasy and fiction, from comics to Anime to Video Games to movies on Netflix. Just what is this phenomena that puts witches and wizards before our kids?
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