Ascension: Holding a Signature

canyon and cloudsPerhaps we walk on Earth and wonder, “When shall we rise?, when is this era of Ascension?” And perchance you are out of town for the day and vision of the Mothership goes to the housewife next door, or you are striking a match and the burning bush and its voice of election await your witness, your account, your own ascension. What signature do you hold, what signature do you seek?

energy, frequency, vibration = signature
signature: energy pattern that is left behind after an event; esp. events hooked to e-motion
signature: unique energy vibration of a being, i.e., homo sapiens, homo noeticus.
signature: an energetic (hold)(container)(being with certain vibration) that can activate other energies
signature: a level of consciousness and/or the opportunity to transform consciousness (i.e., to rise in consciousness).
signature: an energy that is radiated from someone: thoughts they are holding

For every event that has happened on Earth, there is a signature. An energetic residue that tells, “this happened here”. Other forms of signatures are related to Ascension and help people to evolve. Such signatures might be energy, frequency, vibration or symbol. A signature can also be the manifested reality we are living in.

The Draco came and through genetic engineering, created the hairy, upstanding ape to do its bidding. There was telepathic communication, they were slaves, gold-diggers, in fact. The Draco sought gold to take back home and offer to their own gods.

So the hairy upstanding ape is a signature – signature of a creature without an eternal soul. When the rescue mission of the Mothership Rexegena came to Earth, they (those on the Mothership) were betrayed and only 90 survived out of 50,000 star-people who came to help.

From those 90 remaining, they sought to preserve themselves and have young and so more genetic engineering with the hairy upstanding ape took place. This time, with the permission of the Source, a soul was embedded in the embryo. A new signature came into being; an eternal signature without end.

There have been many races created and evolved on Earth and in the Cosmos. The Beings of Light are here now to assist the little Earthling to raise the consciousness of the Earth body. The Earth body continues to multiply and hold the energy in its cells of the ascension that has taken place at various times through its beginning and will continue to ascend. This Light energy is held in the eggs of the Earthling race and continues to be held with each new generation of babies. It holds the signature of the Earth being and so the race of the Earthling is always infused with the Light in the World of Light.

These hairy-upstanding-apes (now with self-awareness and consciousness) circumambulated the globe using the ocean currents and mated with the primates on other continents. In fits and starts, the signature of human race expanded, became consolidated until one race, homo sapiens, finally won out and became the dominant primate on this garden of Adin, this planet we call Earth.

Jalarm: Everything has an end and a beginning on this planet. This is not the same in other worlds. But on this planet it has a beginning and an end. And so with each signature it also holds a pattern of an image and that continues to grow and to evolve, but it dies back and then it grows again with the same image. Otherwise it would become something else.

So the rise in consciousness is the eternal cycle of the Phoenix, the bird that rises from the ashes.

Jalarm: You come, you die, and from the ashes you rise again. So each being is a Phoenix – a Being who has risen from the dead – but then some strange stories can be created about that and in fact it is not strange or weird. … It is a fact. That you come and you go – you rise again – and you fall back – but in each rising and falling back you raise in consciousness. You understand this – and this is what is happening to every thing upon this Earth that was first created …

Jalarm is saying that everything is part of the collective consciousness. Everything is continually evolving.

Jalarm: Again I have said just recently on this day that everything is consciousness and the ash holds consciousness, the Earth holds consciousness, the fire holds consciousness, the bird holds consciousness … and you can see it as ONE in the story. But it is everything on this planet.

So we learn there are ancient signatures, there are soul signatures, there are group-soul signatures, there are signatures for all the different stages of life, mineral, plant, insect, animal.

Vibrational signatures can also protect against sabotage. Sabotage happens frequently: energy is interfered with, people become tired and lose the focus in a state of higher consciousness, illness and sickness can also be a form of sabotage.

Sabotage can also come in the form of moods, feelings, and there is a need to recognise that sabotage is something that is happening to us.

Yes, there are times when you feel like giving up, giving in. Do not beat yourselves up for these thoughts yet, recognise them as sabotage from outer influences. Are you that weak that you let these influences influence you?

So we can speak of the signature of sabotage, and this needs to be recognised. How to do so? Spiritual common sense is needed here.

There are several elements of spirituality – such as mystical experiences, transcendence, sanctification, spirituality as problem solving skill and spirituality as ethical and virtuous behaviour. These are the components of spiritual intelligence.

I’d like to take a moment to raise a distinction between religion and spirituality. Religion is an institution with organised beliefs. Spirituality, on other hand, is an experience.

Spirituality doesn’t require you to believe anything. Rather, spirituality constantly invites you to notice your experience. Your personal experience becomes your authority rather than something someone else has told you.

Spiritual practice imparts an awareness within you to what will bring you peace, and what will not bring peace. Every time we practice our spiritual principles, our values, we make a deposit in our character bank, our spiritual bank, as it were. The more we practice such values, the more we place these guides to action in place, we can come to rely on them in times of inner challenge, outer contests that strike to the foundation of who we are. We may rely on our character bank, our spiritual bank, to make withdrawals in times of intense confrontation with our inner sense of what is right, what is wrong.

Through our character bank, our spiritual bank, we come to know what is right for us, what brings love, what confers peace on all, what is right conduct which will lead to progressively good outcomes – and more – to what does not hurt other people (what we call non-violence) and what is truth for us, for one and all.

The signature of sabotage has none of these elements. The signature of sabotage is inward looking, afraid, fearful, anticipating dread and horror at engaging matters furthermore, contracting, bereft of common sense, bereft of love, bereft of truth, bereft of peace, bereft of non-violence, and sans the foundation of human life, righteousness. It is destructive and leaves no good activity in its wake.

To counter the signature of sabotage and to engage in life-giving words, thoughts and actions, to take up energy that leads to fulfilment as a human, we turn to our signatures in our character bank, our spiritual bank, such as goodness, beauty and truth, and engage with action. A signature that is filled with right conduct begets more right conduct and offers protection to those performing right conduct, in Sanskrit, dharmo raskshati raskshita, right conduct is its own protection.

We may hold a signature which has new understanding, new experiences for others. We may achive such presence by our own inner growth and practice, our personal self-discipline. As we said earlier, the more we practice any given value, a guide to action, or hold a signature, the more that can and will be in our energy-frequency-vibration. Anything that is repeated on any level is manifested in this reality and creates an energetic signature that can activate other energies. Just so, others may take up such energies in our presence. So many of us are here just “to be” and hold the space for vibration. “A library of vibration that is in service to others”. This is the service to Ascension brought about by interior practice, discipline and holding the space – holding the signature for others.






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