The Stronger Energies are here

The Light within

The time is now, and the 5th Dimension is here. How will you take up the stronger energies in your life, your manifestation?

The Source of the All has been sharing messages since October 1953 that our world is going to change and move into a higher dimension. The End of the Mayan calendar marked this date for change for many, and for others who did not know about the long baktun, 21 December 2012 was the big day. The Source of the All changed all this to allow things to flow and to prevent a massive departure from the Earth. There has been a flow, the stargates have opened slowly, the energy has been coming through like the drip, drip, drip from the tap.

Parallel with all this is – funnily enough – Apocalypse now. The apocalypse is in the book of revelation: not the end times but the times of revelation, the times of disclosure of the UFO, the Star People, the Starships and Motherships and the disclosure that our DNA is from the Stars. Everything that is here on Earth has been brought here from somewhere else. Everything. The Earth was deliberately seeded to become a Garden of Eden, a beautiful place of serenity, harmony and bliss. In fact, mediums and star-channels tell us the original name for the Earth was Adin. Adin is star-talk for a place of peace.

The drip, drip, drip we mentioned has been accelerating to a steady stream of energy flowing through. There have been spikes in the Schumann resonance, measuring the baseline of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. The magnetic shield around the Earth is weakening, showing us that more and more energies are flowing through. Some are alarmed, some are confused, some are doubtful in this time of Covid-19 and have their vaccine hesitancy. Others are fearful of another vaccine coming into manifestation. You manifest what you think. IF you think positive and healthy, you get positive and healthy. Our world is a dance of light, energy and matter; we take energy, frequency and vibration and manifest what we think, feel and do.


spiritual reflection on what the pandemic creates


Imagine a world without concrete cities, highrise buildings, without cars and trains and planes. Imagine all the pollution and smog gone. Imagine governments, police forces and armies dissipated. A place where there’s no war or conflict. And most essentially, a place where ALL sentient life is respected and cherished. A place where there is no requirement, need nor desire to consume another creature. Imagine the consciousness of all life here being rejuvenated in a higher vibration of light. Imagine that as you express your authentic self, light bends around you to create a vehicle for your expression. Imagine waking up for the day (you actually never go to sleep), and your purpose is to learn, evolve and grow, to experience the fullness of who you are. Imagine that as you create, you’re creating in harmony with a group of souls closely resonant on your frequency, so it feels totally harmonious. This is a brief glimpse of my knowing-sense of the New Paradigm. Crucially, I experience it as already here, already around us.

What does it look like for you?


the road trip


Characteristics of the 5th Dimension

  1. All people living in peace and harmony, experiencing Oneness with all of life, fully respecting all people and the planet.
  2. Love and compassion flow through all communications.
  3. Equality, justice and respect for all human beings reign on Earth.
  4. No more hunger, poverty or crime.
  5. Abundance available to all.
  6. Everyone lives without fear, with complete trust in the Divine.
  7. Everyone awakens to the majestic, divine interdimensional beings they truly are.
  8. People freely communicate with beings from other planets and galaxies and travelling to distant parts of the universe with these beings.
  9. Experience, creation and travel are created in harmony with the Divine Will of Source.
  10. Every being, place, situation or location that is desired becomes instantly manifest.

Another aspect of the 5th Dimension which is manifesting in this time and place is androgyny. Androgyny is manifest in gender dysphoria, trans-gender children, bisexuality and asexuality. This is not the collapse of ethics, this is not the collapse of morality. The Source of all is a perfect blend of light and dark, negative and positive, yin and yang, masculine and feminine. As a stronger electro-magnetic energy flows from the Grand Central Sun of all Universes, to the Central Sun of our Universe and thence to our Sun whom we call Sol, so also this energy is flowing from Sol to our own Souls. Spirituality and the soul have no gender, no binary opposites; spirituality and the soul is non-binary. So we may call non-binary androgyny. Do you know there is a masculine – feminine God in Hinduism by name of Ardhaneshwara? This is Lord Shiva, manifesting as half-man and half-woman:


One of the 64 manifestations of Shiva, the man, woman form with Parvati constituting the left half of Shiva is Ardhanareeswara. Ardhanareeswara is the concept that Shiva stands for. In this aspect, he draws the feminine into his own self. He is half man, half woman.


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