Reflections around Ceremony

Reflections around CeremonyWe each have our little ceremonies. Some are for luck, others for protection (touch wood!). We can have a ceremony before we enter a place, we have ceremonies for births, deaths and weddings. Some have rituals for when they wake up, others have rituals before bedtime. We live in a world where ceremonies seem to be fading away. Here, we read of some reflections around ceremonies.
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Letting things flow

Letting things flowThe news bulletins are full of Covid-19 and little else – except, perhaps, the sport results. When many are unable to get tested, feel insecure, and feel the energy of inevitable succumbing to this virus all around them – the Hierarchy comes with a message. Ask for help. Access your higher consciousness and raise your energy-frequency-vibration. Let things flow. Descent into negativity does not help you nor anyone else. Help everyone by accessing your higher consciousness. Let things flow: be in your personal flow of higher energy-frequency-vibration, and so be an aide to all that is.
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There is a bigger picture

There is a bigger picture Judy Carroll and Paula Jane deliver Vlog called Just Love. They have regular contact with the people from the Stars: those we call starpeople. Here, they share a bright, cheerful message that takes us towards Christmas and reminds us that we can let our lights shine brightly.

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The Heart Space, the Truth, the Void and Groundhog Day…

Groundhog dayBy now, most of you are aware that you do not use your human brain at full capacity; the common estimate is most people use roughly 10% of their brain power. You may also be aware that the average human uses less than 10% of their DNA capabilities. Scientists often refer to the remaining 96% of inactive DNA as ‘junk DNA’. So it may not be surprising to learn that you do not actually perceive the totality of reality.
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Creating Time, Creating Boundaries, Creating Balance

thumbAs our world turns increasingly digital, we can forget that human life is flesh and bone, breathing and respiration, touch and comfort. In this article, we learn that Source (God) Energy is non-polarised. And we also, as humans, can aspire to the state of perfect balance; we can use our discrimination to achieve that balance. Discrimination is a function of the intellect, which is nearest to the Soul.
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Updated – The Cross Roads

Fork, junction, pathways in a parkThe Source of the All uses many messengers. And has told so – that messages would be received in many parts of the world. Many of the messengers are in a perfect balance of yin-yang, light-dark, positive-negative, masculine-feminine, and so, reflect that perfect balance, equilibrium and harmony of the Source of the All. The direct presence of the Source is imbued with silence, total consciousness and awareness. Here we bring you one message from Source, with some exegesis, some minor explanation. (People are at different places of awareness.)
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Multiple Universes, Multiple Timelines

multiple universesThe human experience of the Third Dimension – embodied life on Earth – is one of time. We have this human experience of time past, time present and time future in our life, our mind, our experience. What of other dimensions, other universes, other timelines? Are there really “past lives” or is this recollection connected to the Oversoul?. Now read on…
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The Akashic Records, the Earth Soul, the 5th Dimension

The Sphinx - partially excavatedWe begin with questions about events and records of all that has occurred on Earth. We acknowledge that many have experiences, and experience has validity. We look to the Akashic Records – sometimes called the Library of Porthologos, and render guidance given by one Ascended Master about the Akashic Records and the Soul of the Earth, the primary signature of Fire on Earth. We look to how this may be accessed, in which dimension.
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