The Covid-19 Thing

novel CoronavirusThe global death toll due to COVID-19 officially passed four million late on Wednesday, marking yet another “grim milestone” in the journey of this pandemkic. Many are asking “How long will this be with us?”. “Upstairs is giving some interesting answers.

On this day of Amavasya (new moon in vedic astrology) the Moon and the Sun are conjunct in Gemini, and Mercury is present, finally moving direct and out of depletion of energy in his own sign. Nonetheless, we keep in mind that New Moons are malefic, and the mind can be empty of self-control and we are open to all sorts of influences entering therein. So self-discipline, self-respect and self-control are utterly important. We can be masterminds, and master the mind, rather than letting the mind run amok.

For example, Sun and Moon are in Punavasu nakshatra (area of the galaxy) and Punarvasu’s shakti is the power to create prosperity. So if you set your mind to this, you can think about how you can improve your material condition. Thought creates reality, so take charge of your thoughts. Purnarvasu, in Sanskrit, means good again, new again, light again, or prosperous again.

And this is what is important. Taking charge of your mind, taking charge of your life and setting your path through life are what bring peace and satisfaction. Part of your soul contract is that you chose to be born at this time of transition, this time of change on the Earth and all that comes in the travail of earth-shaking changes: for that is what they are.

The stargates – the protective net around the Earth which kept us in separation from our star brothers and sisters who helped on Earth before the Fall of Atlantis – are widening and letting more energy pass through. The astronomers are finding exo planets, they are finding more and more black holes, they are finding more and more stars that behave differently, and they are finding new radio signals coming from space. It is proposed (and confirmed by various mediums and channels) that Earth will become a space-ferrying civilisation within the next 25 years, and people will go to live elsewhere. This is all fruit of the stargates opening more and more.

Now then, we mentioned that the Stargates kept us in separation from our star brothers and sisters. This is true, and we know that the pyramids were communication devices at precise locations where signals could be both sent and received. There was an ancient form of generation of electricity and electricity was distributed along certain energy lines that criss-cross the Earth. This electrical energy was given for free. Talking about communication with star brothers and sisters, crystals were used for communication. There were crystals, and there were conscious beings, forms of consciousness that lived within certain crystals called Ishnaans. They also were communicators for a whole community. The art of communicating with crystals will return to us and be used again, for the our star brothers and sisters wish to be know, and wish to be of service in guiding us through these troubled times.

We come back to the question of Covid-19, the novel-Coronavirus, relation of MERS and SARS. This virus came into being as a device for souls who had decided their time was up here on Earth and were to transition en-masse. It has been shared in the scriptures that there would be a sorting of wheat from the chaff. Now you will understand that religions sought to bring judgement from the Divine to mankind, in order to elicit compliance with certain teachings and dogma, and to control the masses with fear. This has nothing to do with the Source of the All.

The Source of the All – whatever name you wish to put on this – is a Source of LOVE, and nothing else. The Source of the All is a witness to human life, the origin, the sustenance and the receiver of all living things. There is no judgement within the heart and mind of the Source of the All. There is only Love, Love, Love.

The sorting of the wheat from the chaff was meant to be a parable explaining why souls choose to depart en-masse at times on earth. We have had epidemics and pestilences in Europe with the Black Death, plague, the time of Alexander the Great, the Spanish Flu, the plague of Roman times. And before. The sorting of the wheat from the chaff simply tells of those souls who return to Source. They are met by Angels and spirit beings, and they are completely looked after in a realm of total peace and happiness. As the saying goes, “They have gone to a better place”.

All this is about the evolvement of the human in energy, frequency and vibration; these are what lead souls on to the higher dimension, to the greater awareness of the different dimensions, and to development of new skills and abilities as well as living in a state of Oneness with all that is. This is a time of raised consciousness, a time to protect those whom we love, and if they choose to pass over to “the better place” then we let them go with love. Covid 19 will be with us until all those souls who have chosen so – have made their transition. Covid 19 will be with us for a little while long.

There are other issues that leadership need to attend to. There is the environment, there is the Climate Change. There is a need for the leadership to change their thinking to the “good of the All”. There is only one race, the human race. The leadership needs to change the language used from selfishness and cleaning up one’s own backyard, to like, “nobody is safe until everyone is safe”. Nobody is free from climate change until everybody is free from the deleterious effects of climate change.

We may tune into the light, we may also raise our own energy-frequency-vibration and pass this on to others with love. We may put our hands to our soul, tune into the light coming to us from Grand Central Sun of all Universes, and then raise our hands and pass the light on. Just as many candles can be lit from one single candle, so also, we can raise the energy-frequency-vibration by sharing of the light.


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