Pleiadian June 2021 Message

The Seven SistersBeloved ones we greet you, Your Planet is about to enter a next phase of its transition. This era ahead of you is a time of Grace, which has been bestowed to all of your communities throughout Earth. A sacred covenant is to be activated. This is a destiny design to create a realignment so you as an individual can receive the unveiling of the sacred Truths of your multidimensional heritage. Simultaneously creating a powerful transmutation within Earth that will open an accelerated transition throughout the planet.
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Multiple Universes, Multiple Timelines

multiple universesThe human experience of the Third Dimension – embodied life on Earth – is one of time. We have this human experience of time past, time present and time future in our life, our mind, our experience. What of other dimensions, other universes, other timelines? Are there really “past lives” or is this recollection connected to the Oversoul?. Now read on…
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Children own around 3 digital devices on average …

Children own around 3 digital devices on average ... It is always good to keep in mind what it means to be human and the purpose of human life. Children are not born with digital devices attached to their bodies, nor their brains. The influence of digital media on children lessens reliance on the Soul within. As you read this article, keep in mind that intelligence, memory and nous all come from the intellect, which derives over 80% of its energy from the Soul. What is more important? The soul and the purpose of human life, or the brain drain of excessive digital engagement?
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The Akashic Records, the Earth Soul, the 5th Dimension

The Sphinx - partially excavatedWe begin with questions about events and records of all that has occurred on Earth. We acknowledge that many have experiences, and experience has validity. We look to the Akashic Records – sometimes called the Library of Porthologos, and render guidance given by one Ascended Master about the Akashic Records and the Soul of the Earth, the primary signature of Fire on Earth. We look to how this may be accessed, in which dimension.
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Performance Character and Social Competence

Performance Character and Social CompetenceCentral to social competence is the ability to take another person’s perspective and to examine a situation from the view and feelings of the other. This also includes the skill of learning from experience, and applying learning to changes in social situations, sometimes called ‘transfer gain’. Social competence also radiates out from us by way of energy: our thoughts, our feelings, our actions affect all in our environment, and all on our planet. Indeed, even those on the astral are affected by our social competence. Verily, social competence is a foundation of true humanness.
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The Garden of the Mind: the value of sacrifice

The Garden of the Mind: the value of sacrificeIn modern speech, there is a topic called ”delayed gratification”, where a person puts off or forgoes satisfaction of wants and desires in order to reach a greater goal that they have set for themselves. When such a person reaches their goal, others look and wonder, or perhaps say, ‘he or she was lucky’. A tidy mind focussed on the big goals of life (that have been laid down) can easily set priorities and make many small sacrifices to meet the goal in mind.

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Dreams are inspired by the soul.

Mesopheric cloudsDreams are inspired by the soul. Artists and artisans, writers and poets, musicians and singers all take birth to bring forth a dream and so inspire humankind to higher heights. We should have our dreams. We should know the place of love and care for our neighbour, and the guest. We should know what attracts us and why, what are the elements in this attraction, this inspiration? Does it lift the soul up to embrace its source, does it help us to know the Source within us? These are important questions that reveal the existence of the Soul.

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Thought and Achievement

sea grassAll that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts. In a justly ordered universe, where loss of equipoise would mean total destruction, individual responsibility must be absolute. A man’s weakness and strength, purity and impurity, are his own, and not another man’s. They are brought about by himself, and not by another; and they can only be altered by himself, never by another. His condition is also his own, and not another man’s. His suffering and his happiness are evolved from within. As he thinks, so he is; as he continues to think, so he remains.

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Change your Thoughts: Change your Life

the straight pathWe are the product of thought and language within. Whatever our internal inner chat, it is largely this that decides our character, our attitudes, our moods, our actions. The mind is very much governed by the thoughts we take up, that thought is much governed by the language and emotion that we employ. Keep in mind that emotion is e-motion, that is, energy –> set in motion. This is the slingshot that harnesses thoughts and projects them into reality.
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