Three Masters in a Cave

The love that is in all

On this day, we start a new series of posts on this website, excerpts from the Conversations with the Master series by a Polish ascetic. We choose to post these excepts for we find the unique inner signature of the Divine in these conversations.

Today, we read about three ancient Masters of Yoga, residing in a hidden cave, and radiating the energy of Love to all on Earth, and even, beyond the Earth. Our Polish ascetic travels to the cave and experiences a blessing from the masters. We may also do the same.

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Curious Kids: are witches and wizards real?

witches and cauldronsFor many years, since the publishing of Harry Potter (and perhaps earlier with the Grimms Brothers tales of faerie and Tolkien’s Middle Earth) the fantastic lands with witches and wizards have become commonplace in fantasy and fiction, from comics to Anime to Video Games to movies on Netflix. Just what is this phenomena that puts witches and wizards before our kids?

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Life in Outer Space – the People on Vega

The love that is in all

On this day, we start a new series of posts on this website, excerpts from the Conversations with the Master series by a Polish ascetic. We choose to post these excepts for we find the unique inner signature of the Divine in these conversations.

As you read on, you will discover that the author has a very humble relationship with the Divine, whom he calls “Master”. The author is also very, very human, and has his ups and downs in life. Sometimes he is reluctant, sometimes other pressures upon him cause him to put his pen down, and at other times, what comes out of the pen excites his enthusiasm and takes him to new vistas of experience of the Divine.

The Master: How can we describe The Master in these conversations? The Master answers questions. The Master can leave you dangling in the air gasping for breath and understanding. The Master is a loving parent, caring, guiding, protecting and drawing the reader (whom He and She addresses often) along the many paths to Loving Divinity. We leave it to you to have your own experience of the Master in these guided selections.

On this day, our Polish ascetic is taken on a journey to a star in our galaxy: Vega. Vega is one of the brightest stars in the Milky Way and only 25 light years from the Sun. The Master answers questions at the end.

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Self Awareness: How do you Love?

Heart of Life

An important part of Ascension is knowing and understanding that the Universe is teeming with life, and that there are sentient life forms on other planets, other stars. This includes our own solar system. Earth is not the only planet supporting human life in this galaxy.

There are sentient beings on our Sun, on Venus and Mars, and many of these have travelled to Earth in times past, and times present. These beings – human life in another form – live in other dimensions, and do not exist in the same 3 dimensional reality with the same atmospeheric conditions and the same temperatures as we Earth bound humans experience.

Here, the peoples from Venus who seek to aid humans in their transition to the higher dimensions (called Ascension) speak to us about Love, our field of Love, and do we understand what we can do with our Love energy?

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Hinduism and the Evolution of Human civilization

Mahesh - Lord Shiva

Hinduism recognises that humans evolved from creatures in the sea, to creatures on land, to the hairy upstanding ape, to homo sapiens with sapienta, consciousness and self-awareness. Human life on this planet is the apex form of life that may escape the round of birth-death-and-birth-again. In this article we visit the progression of human life via the births of various Hindu gods.

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Benefits of Being Positive

bee-ing positiveIt is taught that there are trails in the brain, which reflect our habitual thinking, attitudes and actions. They can be changed if we wish to seek a happier, more positive life. There are generations of vasanas, impulses and influences that cross with the mind and soul into the new body. They are sometimes called genetic inheritance. Still, we can make change with effort, that is one of the meanings of the Sanskrit word sadhana: put effort. Here, we look to the benefits of positivity.

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How Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA

DNA and the HumanHow Sacred Geometry is embedded in Your DNA examines the human body, atoms, DNA, molecular structure, the ratio’s of the human body,the golden mean, and shows how we – the human – and everything on earth from insects, plants and animals – reflect and have components from the stars. There is a geometric correspondence, balance and proportion to all things that live and exists.

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Ascension: The unfolding life purpose

the archangel Mikael
Now you have learned to turn inward for validation, inspiration and guidance,  because you have had what has been termed a Soul-Merge, and you are connecting to the multi-facets of your Higher Self. In the process, you are integrating greater amounts of pure Cosmic Light Consciousness, which assists you to release all outmoded concepts without guilt as you integrate the new higher truths that are coming to you at an astounding rate.

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Imagination is the Nation of Images

ImaginationThe soul knows things that the brain knows nothing of. The human brain is something like a super-computer, it receives downloads of information from parents, school, teachers, peers and the society we are born into. On the other hand, the SOUL knows much more and has access to material that comes from our Self, through feeling, through intuition (inner – tuition) and imagination (the nation of images).

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