Benefits of Being Positive

bee-ing positiveIt is taught that there are trails in the brain, which reflect our habitual thinking, attitudes and actions. They can be changed if we wish to seek a happier, more positive life. There are generations of vasanas, impulses and influences that cross with the mind and soul into the new body. They are sometimes called genetic inheritance. Still, we can make change with effort, that is one of the meanings of the Sanskrit word sadhana: put effort. Here, we look to the benefits of positivity.

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Overview of Performance Character

Surfing the ocean of lifeWe all surf the ocean called life. Some have ankle straps and never lose their boards. Others squat on the board and paddle, while some fall off. We all approach the surfboard and the Ocean of Life with our character, our embedded – or learned – ways of approaching and doing things. Strength of character is the foundation for life-long integrity and thriving. Good character is not any one thing but a cornucopia of positive traits illustrated by one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. We look to overview these elements of good character, often called Performance Character.

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An Introduction to Human Values

Flower with the five human valuesWhat are Human Values? Human Values are those universal concepts, drivers of action which are found in all cultures, all societies, all times and in all places where human beings eke out their lives. The five human values, which can be found in all cultures, all societies and in all religions, are Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non-Violence. These values are eternal; they are eternal essences, which elevate human life to its highest expression, its highest capacity.

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